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Margaret Sanger's Account Of Her Lecture To The Ku Klux Klan / Educational Video Film
Russian animation: Shareholders (1/3) (+English & Russian subtitles)
Amar Prem
Valentines Day Look Tutorial
Senate Session 2010-04-12 (14:00:02-14:49:58)
NEA Opera Honors: Interview with Frank Corsaro
Tom Mankiewicz tribute
A Letter to Three Wives (1949) Movie Trailer
Authors@Google: Gretchen Rubin
Bendu Apparao RMP - Full movie - Watch online
Hungama (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 13
Princess Mabel
Google-Climate Group event: Power in Numbers (Part 3/4 - Carol Browner keynote)
Pehli Sher Doosri Savaasher Navra Paavsher
All grown up chapter 6
Kirk Douglas
991. Lorena (HDL Webster and HP Webster)
Authors@Google: Ayelet Waldman
Unità 02 (p.1). Corso di Inglese. Grammatica (in inglese)
The Creation Of Earth Part Three - Trials
Authors@Google: Jean Hanff Korelitz
Jane Smiley: 2010 National Book Festival (Poetry)
RFDC - December 8: C3: Wearing Leather Gloves and Talking About Darryl Moving Out!
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A Love Letter to Apartments Past, Rodents and All

So starts Jill Kargman’s love letter to her former apartment in her new book ... For Ms. Kargman , a fiction writer known for exploring the lives of hedge fund wives and Upper East Side power mommies, these two apartments have become characters in her ... Source: New York Times

What Women Wrote To Michelle Obama

Karima Amin, a lifelong resident of Buffalo and mother of three. "What I really want to say is thank ... There are many more, including a brilliant letter declaring "black wives will be in vogue!" because of Michelle Obama. The editors are currently ... Source: KPBS

Videos of Asian casino king Ho show he wants to proceed with lawsuit vs family, lawyer says

HONG KONG (AP) — Lawyers for Stanley Ho released three videos that they say show ... The families of the second and third wives said late Sunday that Ho had dropped his lawsuit. They released a letter written in Chinese purportedly signed by Ho in which ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Macau's Ho wants family to give casino stake back

Another letter that news reports said was written by Ho, says he intends to divide his assets among the families of his four wives — three of whom are living. Ho had surgery in 2009 for unspecified reasons and spent seven months in hospital before being ... Source: msnbc.com

Four members of Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners to resign

Luna of Lodi has already submitted a letter of resignation, said Ralph Lamparello ... treatment plant went to the politically connected, including the hiring of wives, brothers, in-laws and children. The PVSC — which operates the state’s largest sewage ... Source: NJ.com

Meditations on Scriptures -- 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A), 1/22-23/11

Meditation: Zebulun and Naphtali were two of the four among Jacob's 12 sons who were born to concubines (specifically, servants given to Jacob by his wives Leah and Rachel ... 17 A reading from the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. Source: Examiner

It's Time to Fix Our Nation's Broken Gun Background Check System

We launched a national campaign urging Congress to take two simple but critical steps to fix our nation's broken background check system: 1) fulfill the letter of the historic ... Bobby was 42. They had wives and young children. They had dreams for their ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Recalling Vietnam: 'That was a hell of a four years out of my life'

In July 1963 "out of the clear blue sky," they decided to enlist for a three-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps ... He learned about Yagle's death in a letter from his dad that arrived the same day the Stars & Stripes, a military newspaper, reported it ... Source: Traverse City Record-Eagle

Letter: We should limit some weapons

Click "Report Abuse" to notify our moderators that a comment may contain objectionable content. Your comment appears to contain objectionable content and must be reviewed by a site moderator. If your comment is deemed objectionable, it will not appear on ... Source: Baton Rouge Advocate

Sherry Rehman, defiant prisoner of Pakistan blasphemy laws, vows to stay put

It’s been almost three weeks since Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer was gunned ... Hours later, at an upscale drinks party in the city, businessmen and their wives sipped wine and gossiped about second homes in Dubai. One woman admitted she wasn’t aware ... Source: SanFranciscoSentinel.com