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Weekly Republican Address 8/21/10: Rep. Charles Djou (R-HI)
Artist@Google: David LeBatard (aka LEBO)
Authors@Google: Yoram Bauman
6/25/09: White House Press Briefing
John McCain wants to spread the wealth like Obama.
6/25/09: White House Press Briefing
10 Reasons Why McCain Should Choose Huckabee For VP part 1
Mike Huckabees' vision for america part 3
Diabetes Breakthroughs - diabetes-breakthroughs.com
Aerobatic Flight - Me and CMDT Luis Garçao - Extra 300L Taxing to the runway
10 Reasons To Vote For Mike Huckabee
Entire Governor Candidates Debate in Duluth MN.
How To Seduce a Woman
Battling the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
ED Stakeholders Meeting (August 4, 2009) -- Part II
タンポポ Tampopo 1985 Trailer Itami, Juzo
Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform: Part 5
Saverio Mercadante - Emma d'Antiochia - Mi laciate!.. Empia donna! (Nelly Miricioiu & Maria Costanza Nocentini)
Geert Wilders Speech at New York's Ground Zero Mosque (11-09-2010)
Fiscal Commission Public Forum 3 of 7
10 Reasons Why McCain Should Choose Huckabee For VP part 2
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A Taxing Woman
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Taxing Visions: Financial Episodes in Late 19th-Century American Art Opens at the Huntington

One of several painfully touching paintings in “Taxing Visions” is Tattered and Torn (1886) by Alfred Kappes (1850–1894). It depicts an African American woman dressed in rags, holding a lit match in her extended hand, so decrepit she can barely light ... Source: Art Daily

GBI's renowned sketch artist a pro at capturing suspects

Walraven, who was convicted of killing a woman in her bathtub and suspected of killing two ... While Lawson's work was fulfilling, it was also taxing. She was drawing about 300 sketches a year for the APD -- a workload she maintains to this day, though ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Top 10 ‘Bad Ideas’ for Taxing the Rich

In this humor piece for The Wall Street Journal on taxing the wealthy, Scott Adams–the “Dilbert ... a metallic Coach tote with a sterling ‘1%’ charm on the zipper, proclaiming that the woman carrying it is in the top 1% of US taxpayers. Source: Wall Street Journal

Woman sues DePaul Industries, alleges discrimination and homophobic harassment at her job in the ...

A Hillsboro woman is suing her former employer on claims of harassment ... The complaint says Divers' job in the DHS office was paid less and more physically taxing than her courthouse position. Despite these facts, Divers enjoyed working at the DHS office ... Source: Oregonian

Mechanicville Area Community Services Center offers some help with a taxing time of year

Then they filed returns for the previous years and she received more refunds, thanks to the Earned Income Tax Credit. The woman wasn’t aware of the credit, much less that she qualified for it. She used her refunds to pay off her trailer and get out of debt. Source: Troy Record

Is Satan a Good Investor

You have this Woman creature that was made out of Adam’s backbone like ... Maybe Israel would’ve been able to fight off their invaders 3 centuries later if they started taxing citizens. If only we had someone like Satan on the current economic team ... Source: The Business Insider

Stars Strip Down For Roles in A Modern Romance

Now back to a manageable weight (and showing the briefest hint of a baby bump), Portman acknowledges the fun she had working on a light comedy after the demanding and emotionally taxing experience ... The Other Woman,” a dramedy from acclaimed indie ... Source: Emory Wheel

Uganda : Vote for a Woman, Kamya Urges Voters

Kamya, who is the only woman in the presidential race ... Kamya said the unitary system was exploitative to the extent of taxing the dead and their graves. She also noted that the sh15m the MPs earn monthly was from the people's sweat. Source: AllAfrica.com

James Lawton: Sneering, sexist commentators deserve more than a yellow card

Nor do you have to be a woman to be sickened by the sexist remarks of Sky's leading ... casts grave doubt about the ability of the authors to make any judgment call more taxing than getting out on the right side of the bed in the morning. Source: Independent

Taxing times for Priyanka, Kasbekar

I-T officials said Shahid was already present at the actress's home when they reached there. "A woman official entered the house and reported that a third person was there. It was Shahid," an official said. Source: Times of India