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About Schmidt
About Schmidt
About Schmidt
about schmidt
Rolfe Kent About Schmidt
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Jack Nicholson About Schmidt Movie Promotion Board
About Schmidt premiere London 03 w Lisa Butcher
About Schmidt
About Schmidt
About Schmidt (2002)
09 - Kathy Bates Appears Nude in ABOUT SCHMIDT 2002
About Schmidt premiere London 03 w Lisa Butcher
about schmidt
About Schmidt
About Schmidt
About Schmidt
About Schmidt 1
Jack Nicholson About Schmidt Movie Promotion Board
About Schmidt 2
About Schmidt Wallpaper
About Kermidt
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Schmidt subject of ethics probe

April 2008: David Krikorian of Madeira, an Armenian American, enters the 2nd Congressional District race as an independent candidate. May 2008: Rep. Jean Schmidt takes to the House floor to commemorate the Turkish holiday that honors Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ... Source: Cincinnati.com

MWC 2011: Schmidt says EU ‘a group I can work with’

The outgoing Google CEO gives credit to the European Government pledges for broadband and reveals more details about Google’s future after he steps down. Eric Schmidt , chief executive (CEO) of Google, praised the European Union’s approach to getting ... Source: IT Pro

Google's Schmidt: Android is saving the world

BARCELONA, Spain (CNNMoney) -- Google chairman and outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt said Tuesday that Android-based smartphones can save the world -- as long as you're willing to share information with Google. "We now have all of the world's information at our ... Source: CNN Money

Live: Google's Eric Schmidt Talks About Phone as Tool for Increasing Human Connections

Google’s Eric Schmidt said that while computers are being criticized for driving humans apart, the opposite is actually taking place as devices are doing work that humans don’t want to. “Computers are really here to make us happier,” Schmidt said ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Google Would Like Nokia to Adopt Android Software, Schmidt Says

Google Inc . Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said the company “certainly tried” to convince Nokia Oyj to use its Android smartphone software. “We would like them to adopt Android at some point in the future and that option remains open ... Source: Bloomberg

Schmidt: Google 'very proud' of Wael Ghonim

BARCELONA, Spain -- Abandoning an earlier policy of diplomatic restraint, the CEO of Google says the company is "very, very proud" of Egyptian employee Wael Ghonim, who organized protests in Egypt and was thrown in jail there. Google previously said only ... Source: KABC

Schmidt: Google 'Proud' of Egyptian Exec Wael Ghonim

BARCELONA – Google chief Eric Schmidt on Tuesday said Google is "very proud" of Wael Ghonim, a Google executive who was held by Egyptian authorities during the uprising and has become a face of the revolution. "We are very, very proud of what Wael and ... Source: PC Magazine

Live from Eric Schmidt's MWC 2011 keynote

12:46PM Sorry that last question was a fragment. 12:46PM Problems to face today? Very high connectivity costs, overloaded network, too pricey devices. With declining cost curve, the expensive phones we have today can be given free or close to free to those ... Source: engadget

Google’s Schmidt Sees Payments as a Big Business

BARCELONA, Spain — Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, thinks wireless transactions, enabled by the coming wave of Android smartphones outfitted with near-field communication technology, could turn into a serious business for the company. Mr ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Eric Schmidt Predicts a Smartphone-Fueled Future

Albert Gea/Reuters Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, said that 3,000 Android devices were being activated each day. BARCELONA, Spain — In a keynote address here Tuesday evening at the Mobile World Congress, Eric E. Schmidt, chief executive of ... Source: New York Times Blogs