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Extraterrestrial Agenda - Purpose for Alien Abductions (P.5)
Ultrascience: Black Aircraft p1 of 4
Ancient Alien Artifacts and drawings Proof something was here
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic walkthrough - Part 12 - Taris Upper City North
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien -PROMO-Friday-6:00pm-India---Other Asia-Sundays-10:00am
Aliens versus Predator Fan Movie part 14
Deep Sea Creatures (World's Wierdest Sea Creatures)
justin in a mine shaft, the bottom
Ancient Aliens The Return 2010 1/10
Biography: Titanic and Avatar Director James Cameron
Deep in the Shadows (2 in one)
Aliens from the Deep
Let's Play Conker's Bad Fur Day Part 44- Aliens!
MAME:Alien 3 The Gun Playthrough: Stage 2 Act 1
TV commercial with a VERY,VERY deep message....
Alien / Human Base ?
remote viewing aliens an experiment
YouTube- George Green on Pleiadians on Coast to Coast 6.mp4
Stunning pictures of comet in deep space
UFO Disclosure | Former Legislator Henry Mcelroy, makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief
Deep Underground Military Bases In California.
Voyager Space Craft Hijacked by Aliens?
Night of the Space Zombies
Sleep Research Facility - Nostromo - A-Deck (Dark Ambient)
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Terror Abisal
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State of the Union 2011- A media trainer’s analysis of President Obama’s performance

I believe that this speech will be very well received by the American public. Obama came across as statesmanlike, above the fray and very much a unifier. He communicated well at the emotional level with a tone that was optimistic and upbeat. Overall I give ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Hard to argue with Obama's State of the Union address

It was the eloquent, post-partisan, uniter-not-a-divider President Obama who appeared in the House chamber tonight. It was his second State of the Union address , but the first with the lift and vision of his best campaign speeches. Obama managed to frame ... Source: Washington Post

Decoder Ring Presents: The Underworld Ring of Dishonor

For those willing to take the plunge, infamy awaits. Wired and Lone Shark Games offer admittance to a secret society, if you prove how deep into the underworld you are willing to go. Throughout the issue, both in print and on the iPad, nine secret ... Source: Wired News

The words Georgia Republicans want to hear from President Obama: ‘Port’ and ‘Savannah’

If you are a Republican elsewhere in the nation, there are certain phrases you hope to hear come out of President Barack Obama’s mouth this evening in his State of the Union speech. Most of them begin with the words, “I surrender.” But if you are a ... Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

The SOTU response: Obama to provide the pomp, Ryan to explain our circumstances

Tonight the President of the United States of America will stride into a joint session of Congress to thunderous, bipartisan applause and take to the lofty dais from which he will deliver an address filled with goals, inspiration, conviction and occasional ... Source: YAHOO!

Is our Beloved Country doomed to be the Land of Enslavement?

Over the past several years our gov't has spiraled out of control. Let's take a look at what is going on in our country. Can the Land of the Free really become the Land of the Enslaved? This thought is scary enough. Let's look at the facts. Obama and the ... Source: Gather.com

Robert Pattinson on 'Twilight' finale: 'It's the end of an era'

But presenting the Golden Globe to director Susanne Bier for her drama “In a Better World” Sunday night proved to be a welcome respite for the actor, who’s knee deep in the middle of filming “Breaking Dawn,” the final installment of the ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Waldport crab fisherman describes terror of being sniper's target

I noticed a lot of police activity on the bridge, but I didn't think too much about it." Skinner's best pot, he said, was in "water too deep, with too short a rope." He lit up a 500-watt spotlight to locate it. That's when he saw an object lying on the ... Source: Oregonian

Movie Review: Margheriti's 'Alien from the Deep' (1989) Has Balls!

Antonio Margheriti's Alien from the Deep is a gonzo Aliens rip-off, to be sure, and one not to be missed by fans of Margheriti's work as well as Italian exploitation cinema! Any film featuring Charles Napier as the tough-talking, no-nonsense, get-it-done ... Source: Associated Content

The can stops here -- Democrats' tax hike aims at ending years of game-playing in Springfield

It was outrageous — cowardly and irresponsible, bordering on dishonest — what the governor and state lawmakers did on taxes and spending. I'm not talking about this week. I'm talking about the last two decades, during which elected officials of both ... Source: Chicago Tribune (blog)