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Young-The Summer Set lyrics
Miley Cyrus singing All I Want for Christmas is You
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Christmas Time is Here Song
Mariah Carey, The Best of 2009 (HQ)
The Hat I got for Christmas is too BIG
All I Want For Christmas - Karaoke Mariah Carey Style
All I Want For Christmas by Eloise Smith
All the things you are
Muppet Christmas Carol - Scrooge
One Magic Christmas (7 of 9)
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
All I Want for Christmas Is... Jews
Snow Angel - Stephen Jerzak (Lyrics and download:)
Whats This? - Fall Out Boy
All I Want for Christmas is You (LIVE at Room 5)
When You Believe - Natalie Hawkins & Natalie Weiss
All I Want Is Christmas - Original - 2010
One Magic Christmas (6 of 9)
The Dark Knight Kills Christmas (Original)
One Magic Christmas (2 of 9)
Sarah Geronimo - Your Christmas Girl w/ Lyrics
Joss Stone & Elton John Calling it christmas
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White Sox bracing for unknown in Peavy's rehab

It's an offseason without any down time for the veteran hurler, including throwing on Christmas Eve in order to keep up ... stuff reduced to an average or mundane level. But all the White Sox want from the 29-year-old is to be the Peavy of the past, a ... Source: Boston Red Sox

Valentine's Day chocolate recipes for your sweetheart to love

Want to do something sweet for your Valentine ... and to keep some of that culture alive, she makes these at Christmas. She fills them with cherry pie filling, too, but the most popular filling each year is — no surprise — the chocolate filling. Source: Deseret News

Uncertain Coda for Mansion With a Musical Heritage

They wondered about the $2.5 million asking price ($4.5 million if you want the adjoining lots ... that went up and down like the ones at the Metropolitan Opera House. As Christmas approached, Mr. Halberian, 83, said he did not feel well enough to visit ... Source: New York Times

Still a five-team race for Pacific Division title

The only question is, will they all have a chair when the music stops: * The Kings lost 10 of 12 games just after Christmas, falling 10 points off ... Those are the games you want to be playing this time of year." Source: NHL.com

For this football recruit from Alabama, Signing Day means 'a place to stay, food to eat'

That is all I really cared about," Hill said ... The two started to get to know each other and, a few months later, Hill came to Alabama to spend Christmas with his father. While he was here, however, his Uncle Peter died. At that point, midway through his ... Source: Birmingham News

Ott seeks line-up consistency for Barat Academy

To be honest, we haven't really had everybody out there on the floor together for (practices or games) since before Christmas ... time we want to get everybody back into the fold, so to speak, to get ready for districts." While they haven't all played ... Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

America's Third War: As Drug Cartels Continue Stronghold, Female Mexican Police Chief Taken Near ...

The female police chief of Guadalupe, Mexico, has not been seen or heard from since being abducted two days before Christmas. Erika Gandara was a ... running is no longer enough. They want complete political control over towns and territories along access ... Source: FOX News

Roger Ebert gets thumb praise for new show

When she, panning The Green Hornet, states that the movie fails to make you 'want to be in the car with those guys,' she ... joining Robert Osborne to introduce "The Last Flight'' (1931) and "All Through the Night" (1942) beginning at 11 p.m. EST. Source: New York Post

NEW VOICES: Kids describe classes that prepare them for their careers

Becuase I want to stay close to home, the best college for me is Indiana State University. With all these aspects to be an architect ... and a ton more. Mr. Christmas (our teacher for PE) makes it more fun by putting you into teams. Every time your team ... Source: Evansville Courier-Press

Knox. Co Killer: 'I Could Not Hurt Her'

I made her breakfast…I told her that everything was fine and it was going to be fine…I did not want to keep her tied up at all times so I let her be free ... I told her that she would most likely be home by Christmas." The confession, dictated to his ... Source: NBC4 Columbus