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Dr. Scott Johnson - The Bohemian Grove Exposed! 10/18
Daniel Estulin on Croatian TV: 2/5 'The Bilderberg Group'
Skull and Bones (The Brotherhood of Death)
Executive Odor
Dr. Scott Johnson - The Bohemian Grove Exposed! 11/18
Dire Straits (uhm Carlsberg) All the president's men
The Weekly Watcher: February 20, 2009
A Prayer For America
Come rain or shine
Obama's New Intelligence Team
Zeitgeist Refuted Pt 6
SOVEREIGN TEE presents: The Iroquois Confederacy Flag store
Dark Secrets Inside the Bohemian Grove-9/9
Men's wearhouse and what they did to a consumer aka The Habit.
American Presidents by David Levine - preview
Richard Clarke (Against All Enemies) 1
The Order Of Death (Boheimian Grove) pt 2
Proof Obama is Antichrist!!! Pastor Bill Dollar comedy
Shut Down
Freemasonry (Part 1)
Dr. Scott Johnson - The Bohemian Grove Exposed! 17/18
Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove 5/9
Gang Starr - Royalty + Lyrics
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All the Presidents men
all the presidents men 2
All The President's Men
all the presidents men 1796
All The Presidents Men
all the presidents men
All the Presidents Men
From President Jimmy Carter
All the presidents men
All the Presidents Men
All the Presidents Men
WOODWARD Bob and BERNSTEIN Carl - All the President's Men
all the presidents men
All the Presidents Men
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Obama Needs the ‘Investor Next Door’

More men than women are investors ... Voters seem a bit more optimistic; hence all polls are showing an improvement in the President’s job approval. I’ll leave it to the economists to say whether Obama can do or say much to actually lower unemployment ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Egypt protests joined by strikers around the country

CAIRO -- Egypt's anti-government activists pushed to expand their protests and sought to drum up labor unrest as thousands launched strikes at state firms and offices around the country, in defiance of the vice president's warning that demonstrations ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Why I abandoned the tea party

Instead, all I hear is fear mongering ... Issues that many prior Democratic presidents such as Mr. Peanut Farmer Jimmy Carter wouldn't go near if their life depended on it. As Reuters reported last week, Obama is preparing to ask Congress next month to ... Source: Oregonian

Around the Towns, a calendar of events taking place from Feb. 10 through Feb. 17

The trip is open to all seniors. Springtime in Paris is the flower show theme ... Dress for the weather and enjoy a fun evening. President’s Membership Tea of the Morris County Historical Society from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 13, at Acorn Hall, 68 ... Source: NJ.com

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptian as the Pyramids

The era of the Arab despots, of old men and their clans, is coming to an end ... There are no traditions of democracy in either country: The Army gave Egypt its only three presidents since 1952, Tunisia a mere two since 1956. It goes without saying that ... Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Movies and the metropolis

The Museum of Fine Arts has put together a 10-film series, “Cinema and the City,’’ which starts Wednesday with screenings of “All the President’s Men’’ (Washington) and “On the Town’’ (New York). The series, which celebrates the recent ... Source: Boston Globe

The Egyptian Struggle May Be Protracted, But Will Emerge Victorious

Despite the failure of the protests in Egypt thus far to dislodge the hated Mubarak regime or force the president’s resignation, there have been some ... Muslim and Christian, men and women, poor and middle class, secular and religious. Source: Common Dreams

There are three WikiLeaks projects in the works. When did this become the hottest story in Hollywood?

One producer of the biopic (quoted in Variety ), Barry Josephson (who works on Bones ), even compared an upcoming biography on Assange to All the President’s Men , saying it was “this generation’s suspenseful drama with global impact.” I would ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

Gov. Dayton State of the State Address

So, when I heard the President’s words, “The state of our union has never been stronger ... after its harsh lessons that we are all Minnesotans, whose lives, fates, and fortunes are intertwined; I wish I could say that we are all united, as we gather ... Source: Chaska Herald

The National Emergency Alert System Will Not Work

Allow me to explain: Ever have someone nag the living daylights out of you … all the cotton-picking time ... SOURCE) Oh, this just begs the question: What is wrong with the way Presidents have been communicating with Americans for, what, eighty or ninety ... Source: Right Side News