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I Vow To Thee My Country with AMERICA Tune
13 Angels - Corrosion of Conformity
GRAMPS MORGAN Rasta Got Soul 2009 NJ International Music Festival
RIR-Freeman HR2-Robosapiens,Transfer of the Soul 8/14
Paris Lo Singing WASTED MUSIC VIDEO Cover of Carrie Underwood Las Vegas 2009 Music
Elissa AYSHALAK Kuwait 2008 THE QUEEN اليسا
Past Cool Sonic Birthday Entry
Fort Hood Military Installation † O Beautiful For Spacious Skies - Materna
Ferras- Hollywood's Not America *with lyrics*
Killzone 2 Intro (Full Intro) (HD)
Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough Part 14: Lesbians?
Wake Up, Everybody - In Memory of Teddy Pendergrass
Soul 2 Keep Ransom w/ Lyrics
Heart and Soul guitar cover/improv solo
Twinkie Clark - Church'n
Vice President Joe Biden Honors Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery
03 (ENG) Pokemon Heart Gold Playthrough [Girl] part 3: Route 31 & Violet City or Bust
Working For Working America
Tim McGraw If You're Reading This
BOB - Nothin on you cover by Raquel Castro
Dreamer Roger Hodgson composer & songwriter
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Chinese Premier Hu Jintao's Visit Prompts Soul Searching in U.S. Energy and Climate Circles

China, UK: As Serious as a Heart Attack about Energy Efficiency There are plenty of countries that talk a big game about energy efficiency, but how many are prepared to curb domestic growth and even ration energy in order to accomplish it? In advance of ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Glenn Beck: How he recovered his life and his free will

You wrongly believe — with all your heart — that death is the only answer ... That’s where real self-loathing seeped into my soul. I knew I was failing to take control of my life. I knew I was acting pathetic and weak — and I hated myself for it. I ... Source: msnbc.com

Shaking the Room—and the Snow

After 30 albums as a leader and at least 25 years in the spotlight, it's clear that Joe Lovano is more than a dominant figure in jazz. In fact, he's jazz's answer to George Clooney or Jeff Bridges, a vibrant player who can be counted on to deliver an award ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Palin's use of 'blood libel' and Reagan comment in statement on Tucson shooting

Your Browser DoesNot Support IFrames. Sarah Palin's video statement on the Tucson shootings is an interesting example of how meanings can change over time and can be ripped from their original context. This was obviously a well-crafted statement, not ... Source: Washington Post

US troops killed in Afghanistan and Africa

He'd grown up a lot." Army Spc. Kenneth E. Necochea Jr. Friends of Kenneth Necochea Jr. remembered him as a "gentle soul" who was unfailingly polite and kind. One high school teacher also spoke of how Necochea, of San Diego, was well-liked and easy to get ... Source: San Francisco Gate

Medical prowess saved Giffords, but it can't save America's soul

Medical advances were able to spare Giffords from an assassin's bullet, for now at least, but they can't save America's soul in this era of disgusting, violent, graphic rhetoric. Only we as a nation can do that. Nicole Brochu is an editorial writer and ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Music and the Tucson shootings

Anyone who has been raised under the sway of a spiritual belief system -- Christian or Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or pagan -- knows that when a crisis arises, one thing you do is listen for a sound. A still, small voice. A heavenly choir. A righteous cry ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Cities Where Home Values Will Rise And Fall The Most In 2011

Like the two years proceeding it, 2010 was a tough year for home owners.  Foreclosure rates broke 2009’s record-breaking numbers and we can expect even more in 2011 . For those fortunate property owners still hanging on to their real estate holdings ... Source: Forbes (blog)

Giffords Able to Move Both Arms and Both Legs

Several years ago, a Tucson police officer was shot in the head during a chase. His heart was beating when he was rushed to University Medical Center, but doctors couldn't control the bleeding in the brain and he died, Rhee said. When Giffords arrived at ... Source: NewsMax.com

Parks and Recreation Co-Creator Tells What to Expect in Season 3 and Answers Your Questions

Episode 10, called "Soul Mates," is basically just a giant showcase for Aziz ... that there's room in a libertarian's heart for friendships. The fourth episode of the season is called "Ron and Tammy, Part Two," and some pretty significant things happen ... Source: Nymag.com