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Amores Perros
Amores Perros Alternate Ending
Amores Perros - Lapsi
Kiss Sound - Kumbia Amores Perros taz
DVD and Blu Ray Update 06/08/2010 Part 1 of 2
Amores Perros
amores Perros
Ensamble Retrociclo 2008 - Amores Perros
Rybičky 48 - Opuštěný pokoje
San Valentin YT amores perros
Control machete / Molotov / Ely Guerra - Amores perros perros amores
Avientame - Cafe Tacuba
Amores Perros - Los Angeles night
Rybičky 48-Amores Perros Sázava FEST 2009
Amores perros
amores perros-control machetee villas del riO
amOres perrOs ( lo Qqe haCiiamOs cuandO nO teNiiamOs maestRa)
Amores Perros Mano a mano 3:45 (C. Gardel / José Razzano - Celedonio Flores). 1923 ([HQ])
Amores perros
Gustavo Santaolalla Tema Amores Perros + Atacama
amores perros traile
Trailer en castellano de Lejos de la Tierra quemada
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amores perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
amores perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros 3
amores perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros 4
amores perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
Amores Perros
parejita del palomar
amores perros
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A Chat With the The Man Behind “Biutiful’

Both had been nominated for the first time: Mr. Gonzalez Iñárritu’s “Amores Perros” for best-foreign language film and Mr. Bardem for best actor in “Before Night Falls.” And while neither won, afterward “our loser’s party was the best ... Source: New York Times (blog)

Movie Review: Biutiful (2010) a sublime meditation

In “Biutiful,” director Alejandro González Iñárritu ("Babel", "21 Grams", "Amores Perros") asks one question:  How does a man respond when faced with his own imminent mortality?  We see what the answer looks like in Uxbal ( Javier Bardem ), a ... Source: Examiner

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's 'Biutiful' Starring Javier Bardem

Biutiful" carries a more straight forward narrative from the "Death Trilogy" films (" Amores perros ", " 21 Grams ", " Babel "), but still drags us irresistibly into facing death. The chorus of critics echoes a heavy handed director redeemed by Bardem's ... Source: Associated Content

Oscar nominee Javier Bardem delivers commanding performance as dying dad in 'Biutiful'

In "Biutiful," his Oscar-caliber gravitas has its greatest challenge to date - the insistently glum world of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, whose list of frothy charmers includes "Amores Perros," "21 Grams" and "Babel." "Biutiful" is just as much fun - it ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

'Biutiful' looks at one man's flawed but beautiful life

Rating: R for disturbing images, language, sexual content, nudity and drug use. Mr. Inarritu's equally ambitious "Amores Perros" (2000) and "Babel" (2006) were sweeping, multi-storied affairs. "Biutiful," only his fourth feature, is a single linear tale ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Movie review: Gritty "Biutiful" a dad's love story

Since Iñárritu arrived on the scene in 2000, he has been the master of interwoven narratives. His fractured beauties "Amores Perros," "21 Grams" and "Babel," all co-written with Guillermo Arriaga, have always delved into more than one life. His latest ... Source: Denver Post

'Biutiful' is unsparingly downbeat

Lovely but downbeat in the extreme, this seemingly personal project from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Amores Perros," "21 Grams," "Babel") is the biggest movie downer since last fall's "Never Let Me Go." It's also less hopeful and focused than the Mexican ... Source: Detroit Free Press

The dark is just 'Biutiful' to Alejandro González Iñárritu and Javier Bardem

The then-38-year-old filmmaker celebrated the defeat of his "Amores Perros" by drinking copious amounts of tequila with Sean Penn and Bardem, two men who would later serve as unlikely muses for the Mexican director. He and Bardem subsequently began writing ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

A ‘Biutiful’ partnership and challenging new film for Bardem

Inarritu, the rising filmmaker from Mexico City, directed foreign-language film nominee Amores Perros. Get Subscriber Content access to read this story To read the full story, you need Subscriber Content access. It's content exclusively for Dallas Morning ... Source: Dallas Morning News

Artful despair - that's 'Biutiful'

Lovely but downbeat in the extreme, this seemingly personal project from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Amores Perros," "21 Grams," "Babel") is the biggest movie downer since "Never Let Me Go" and less hopeful, less focused than the Mexican director's earlier films. Source: CharlotteObserver.com