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CIA (Cocaine.Import.Agency) ...The Drug Affair (part 2)
Alicia Keys Teenage Love Affair sung by Amber Holcomb
September 2005 Lifetime Commercials Part 2
Will New Spy Scandal Damage US Israeli Relations?
Jim Lehrer: An Uneasy Nation Feeds Political Extremism
Almost Infamous_Episode 2
Ronald Reagan Testimony Part 28: Iran-Contra Affair / Poindexter Trial (1990)
Jennifer 8. Lee: Jews and Chinese Food: A Love Affair
What Color is Love? PART 6 (final part)
Gemini - The Twin Stars (1988) with Thomas Nock
Catherine Schell Tribute
Barry and Holly Tashian - I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
Natural Hair Gathering-(Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair)!!!
Ike and Tina Turner I've been loving you too long live
EASTERN BLOC Mail Order Bride 2: SEXY NEW BRIDE MISSING HOME after WEDDING (International Dating)
Ronald Reagan Testimony Part 35: Iran-Contra Affair / Poindexter Trial (1990)
The Bachelor Jake Pavelka - Episode 4 part 2
Lindsay Lohan Arrest, Miley Cyrus Cant Be Tamed on DWTS, Bret Michaels on Oprah - The Toast
UNA Reclaims Mount Rushmore-1970
Christopher Hitchens (5/6) on Ken Starr, Religion, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan (1996)
Tina Turner - A Short History
American Idol Season 7 - Milo Turk Performs No Sex Allowed
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An American Affair
An American Affair
An American Affair
An American Affair (2009)
An American Affair
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Bardem goes on an emotional journey in 'Biutiful'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Javier Bardem has his own A-list cheering section. Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling and writer-director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu are among the celebrities rooting for him to receive awards recognition for his emotional ... Source: Denver Post

SOTU 2011: At Obama's Midpoint, An Altered State Of The Union

They ranged from small-bore ones such as his pledge to open American cultural centers in Islamic cities abroad (a promise being kept) to his vow to repeal the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy (a promise broken). To the Heritage Foundation's Brian Darling ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

The end of the Obama-Bibi affair

That’s over. In recent weeks, in the wake of the latest collapse of American diplomacy in the region around Thanksgiving, a new, more hard-headed view of Netanyahu has become cemented in the West Wing — one that rates the chances of a personal alliance ... Source: Politico.com

American Hannah Kearney gets 4th win

Jeremy Cota of Carrabassett Valley, Maine, was the top American, finishing sixth. David Digravio of Farmington, Maine, was seventh, Bryon Wilson of Butte, Mont., eighth and Patrick Deneen of Cle Elum, Wash., 10th. Source: ESPN.com

An American wish list on eve of Obama's speech

WASHINGTON -Health care is Shannon Taylor's "big, big hot button" and no wonder. She is a nurse in Tennessee who examines hospital bills for a health insurance company, and a mother who saw President Barack Obama's health care law come just in time for her ... Source: AOL News

Nihad Awad: MLK is an Example to American Muslims

WASHINGTON , Jan. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Washington -based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today distributed a commentary marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In his ISLAM-OPED commentary, titled "MLK is an Example to American ... Source: YAHOO!

Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali: An In-Depth Analysis of Who Would Really Win

Muhammad Ali lost to Larry Holmes (in a pitiful affair) and Trevor Berbick well after he should ... Some of the best boxers in American history couldn’t do it and Tyson wouldn’t do it either. This fight would be hard fought for the first few rounds. Source: Bleacherreport.com

An All-American White House State Visit

But Hu also got to experience the type of American political discourse that China’s critics have often lamented isn’t allowed in the rising global power. Despite President Obama pulling out all the stops for the red-carpet affair, several key ... Source: Newsweek

National Enquirer Reports Todd Palin Affair with Shailey Tripp

Did Todd Palin have an affair with a "massage therapist?" That's what the National Enquirer is reporting. The National Enquirer reports that Todd Palin cheated on Sarah with a woman named Shailey Tripp, a massage therapist who was arrested on March 4, 2010 ... Source: Associated Content

Todd Palin’s Rumored Affair: What Does It Mean For Sarah?

Todd Palin had an affair with an Alaska-based sex-worker? At least, according to swirling Web rumors today. Who broke the “news?” The National Enquirer , which, despite having a less-than-stellar reputation for newsworthiness, is the same magazine who ... Source: Forbes (blog)