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Beautiful Angel (Shawna's Song)
Harmony to Sarah McLachlan's Angel
Laura Izibor - If Tonight Is My Last (Live in Philly)
Taylor Swift White Horse with lyrics
Emily Taylor Adams - What would it feel like
Taylor Swift - Your Anything
Angel Taylor - Hometown Glory
Hey Stephen - Taylor Swft + LYRiCS
Angel Taylor - Single Ladies
Billy Taylor Plays and Recalls 52nd Street
Taylor Swift - Hey Stephen with lyrics
Taylor Swift - Ain't nothing 'bout you [with lyrics]
Taylor Swift- Your Anything
Hey Stephen- Taylor Swift- Acoustic Guitar Karaoke- Kris Farrow
Rock of Ages Productions - #14: ONCE UPON A TIME - Part 1
Cameron Henderson - Grand Final Australia's Got Talent 2010
5 year old sings Lips of an Angel
Hey Taylor (Swift) - Steven Ford
Paula Taylor on Chef To Go 1.0
Casey singing Your Guardian Angel (Acoustic)
Grant Taylor - Debacle
Angel's Wild Women
Former Jackson Bodyguard - 'Michael Was An Angel'
Hey Taylor (Swift) - Steven Ford
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Fan Mail Taylor
NESP Group Pic and Taylor at Stage Door
Smile from the next Teen Angel
Tinkerbell Says Hi to Taylor
Customied Tshirt Front
My and my angel Taylor
Angel Taylor and Veronica
GrAcEfUl AnGeL3
Angel Taylor trying on Ksino Apparel
Jazzytide welcome to Broadway
taylor angel
Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor
David (band for Angel Taylor) wearing sunglasses from Fortress Eyewear
Angel Taylor wearing sunglasses from Fortress Eyewear inside Backstage Artist Lounge
Steph Angel Taylor Tess
Angel Taylor 20090505
From Idol to Broadway
TaylorGavinLogan3We All Miss You Taylor3
Angel Taylor
Innocent AngelMenacing Demon Banner
angel taylor myspace merch banner
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'Touched by an Angel' star John Dye found dead in home

SAN FRANCISCO -- Actor John Dye, whose career included the role of Andrew, the angel of death, in the long-running television series "Touched by an Angel," was found dead at his San Francisco home, a medical examiner's spokesman said Thursday. Medical ... Source: AZCentral.com

John Dye: 'Touched by an Angel' star dead at 47

John Dye , costar of the long-running TV series "Touched by an Angel," was found dead Monday in his San Francisco home, a medical examiner's spokesman said Thursday. Though the cause of death wasn't official, relatives said the actor died of heart failure. Source: Los Angeles Times

OFFSTAGE: E.T. Inspires Taylor Swift's "Back to December"

Video director Yoann Lemoine just told me everything about shooting Taylor Swift 's video for "Back to December," and I think emotionally, Swift has met her match. This is a man who is as artistic as he is sensitive. From the minute he heard "Back to ... Source: CMT

Two Tragically Lost Children: Christina Taylor Green and Her Killer

Today we Americans weep for the parents of Christina Taylor Green in Arizona as they bury their little 9-year-old girl, who tragically lost her life on January 8th because of the frightening and fatal actions of another lost child, mentally disturbed 22 ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Hundreds of young people line road near site of Arizona shooting victim Christina Taylor's funeral

Nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green was born on Sept. 11, 2001, and featured in a book called "Faces of Hope" that chronicled one baby from each state born on the day terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people. Christina's funeral is the first for the six ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Former Phillies manager's granddaughter, Christina-Taylor Green, among Tucson, Arizona shooting victims

His nine-year-old granddaughter, Christina-Taylor Green, was killed in the Tucson, Arizona shooting. The shooting was an assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, which also resulted in the death of U.S. District Court Judge John Roll and five ... Source: Gather.com

Taylor Lautner Quotes: His Top Ten Best Quotations & Sayings

All females be warned; what you are about to read will make you fall in love with Taylor Lautner even more "I hope that I would be considered romantic. I don't know...one of my favorite movies is The Notebook so I guess that would be considered romantic. Source: Associated Content

Lawrence Taylor Strikes Plea Deal in Rape Case

Lawrence Taylor just pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges as part of one helluva plea deal in his statutory rape case -- and will get off with no jail time but will have to register as a sex offender . The NFL Hall of Famer was in court in Rockland ... Source: TMZ.com

Mets sign pitcher Taylor Tankersley to minor-league contract

In need of a lefty reliever, the Mets collected what amounts to a lottery ticket for 2011 today, signing former Florida Marlins first-round pick Taylor Tankersley to a minor-league contract. He is invited to major-league camp. Tankersley, 27, missed all of ... Source: NJ.com

High school hockey team plays for 'guardian angel'

It was really cool." "We knew how much he loved our team and how much he loved the game and so, you know, we tried to play for him and for the Brown family because that's what's important," said Dakota's teammate Taylor Johnson. "It's given us motivation ... Source: ksl.com