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Anvil - Metal On Metal (8-Bit)
Anvil! The Story of Anvil from A Seat Apart: REEL REVIEWS
Anvil! The Story of Anvil: Gossip Sauce See It or Skip It
Anvil This Is Thirteen Live at a movie theater!
London Film Festival Day 7
2009 IDA Awards: Sacha Gervasi (Anvil)
Riki Ratchman 'LA Radio Sucks' at ANVIL! The Story of Anvil Premiere
At the Movies- Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2009)
ANVIL meet & greet at ANVIL MOVIE premire in JAPAN 20/Oct/09
Diablo - Anvil of Fury (Diablo 1)
Anvil! the Story of Anvil - Exclusive: Director Sacha Gervasi Interview
Anvil Feb 2009 Part 1
Anvil! The story of Anvil on QTV
Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008) Part 1/13
The Story of Anvil Robb Robbo Reiner & Steve LIPS Kudlow Intro to Anvil NY Street Team
Chelsea Girls Attend ANVIL! The Story of Anvil Premiere
Anvil: Fender vs. Gibson raw backstage interview
Mara Davis talks with Anvil Part 2
Anvil loves Media soc
Vanimórë ~ Forged on the Anvil of the Gods
Anvil! The Story of Anvil - Best Time of My Life
Anvil - Thumb Hang - Live In Toronto - 01/08/10
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) Interview Part 2 with Jason Saulnier
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Sundance 2011: 'The Sound of My Voice' is 'what NEXT is all about'

Introducing the film, director and co-writer Zal Batmanglij said, "We finished this film three days ago." The story follows a young, on-trend Silver Lake couple (Nicole Vicius and Christopher Denham) who in trying to infiltrate a cult to make a ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Bling is the thing at museum's 25th annual Outdoor Juried Art Festival

I use 14-karat gold, sterling silver and gold-filled to create my work. With an anvil and a variety of hammers, I'm able to move the metal into different shapes. I enjoy searching for stones and setting them, too." This will be Zemans' first time at the show. Source: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"A Date with Darkness": The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster

Lifetime Movie, "A Date with Darkness" , was originally aired in 2003. "A Date with Darkness" is the true story of serial rapist Andrew Luster, heir of Max Factor Cosmetics. Andrew Luster was accused and convicted of drugging, raping, and sodomizing women on videotape. Source: Associated Content

On Movies: Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite': On evil, God, he hasn't a clue

Finding "The Way Back" with Weir. Based on a true story (although the storyteller's involvement has since been called into question), The Way Back traces the 4,000-mile trek of a group of prisoners who escape a Russian gulag in the fiercest of Siberian ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Anthony Hopkins in 'The Rite': On evil and God, he hasn't a clue

For this project, I read 'On the Origin of Species,' and I've read the 'Psalms of Bonhoeffer,' and his life story. I've read everything I possibly ... with the project's seemingly unlikely director, "Anvil!'s" Sacha Gervasi. "It's a very interesting take ... Source: Kansas City Star

Filling the tallest of orders

He even tells officials where his opponent will turn to shoot and when he will reach to smack the ball like a blacksmith hitting an anvil. "It's more about, for me, watching film to see how other people guarded him, who did well and who didn't," Hayes said. Source: Houston Chronicle

NFL asks Toyota to remove clip of helmet-to-helmet hit from ad

How powerful is the NFL? It can compel the world's largest automaker to change a commercial simply because it doesn't like it. The league asked Toyota to remove a clip of a helmet-to-helmet hit from a television advertisement late last year or have it ... Source: YAHOO!

Leaders of the mob

Over the last week or so, it seems like there has been little to say about the tragic murders in Arizona. At first, a rational and mature opinion seemed uncomfortably like casting pearls before swine as commentators, almost exclusively on the left wing ... Source: Oregonian

Australian Open: Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova take bows, Sam Querrey heads for the exit

Her forehand is once again the anvil you remember from years past, and she appears to be in pretty good physical shape. The 24-year-old Indian star, who earned a silver medal at the small-deal Commonwealth Games last year, is attractive and charismatic. Source: Oregonian

A Moment of Faith: Peace In Troubled Times

We hear about yet another young American being killed fighting for our freedoms. We hear the story of these brave warriors returning home with their lives forever changed due to some horrible wound they received in battle. We hear the story of an entire ... Source: RedState