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Camera Crane Montage Part 1
First world - New Fictional Trailer - HD
Puscifer -The Humbling River Apollo Theater, NYC 03/13/10 live (TOOL, Maynard James Keenan)
Jay-Z & Nas - Success Live From Apollo Theater 11/13/07
Situation Critical: Apollo 13 - Part 3/5
Little Big Planet: Apollo 13 (2/2)
100 Watt CO2 Laser Fire and light up a box
Apolo 13 Parte 3
TV Guide Close Up: Tom Hanks
Modern Marvels - Apollo 13, Part 4 of 5 (HQ)
Failure is Not an Option (2 of 9)
Decision Making
CBS News Coverage of Apollo 13 Part 10
Apollo 13 - Go for launch -
Dark Mission 1 - NASA Moon Hoax - Analysis of the Lunar Photography
Gene Kranz interview HD
1970s Fire Safety Video
Apollo, A Space Era - Music Video Tribute
The Huntley Brinkley Report on Apollo 13 1970
Signiture At Manchester Apollo 13/6/08 *Front Row*
Situation Critical: Apollo 13
Monkey-ed Movie: Apollo 13 version 1
Apollo 13 Launch
Thanksgiving With the Kranzes
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Megan and the Apollo 13 crew
Apollo 13
Paige and Paula with the crew of Apollo 13
Celebrity from Apollo 13
The Nolans Manchester Apollo 13 October 2009
joining apollo 13 crew
Apollo 13
Apollo 13 - 4
PeekaBooagain o)
apollo 13 guys baby
Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks
Apollo 13
With the crew from Apollo 13
Apollo 13 vid
apollo 13
Me and the Apollo 13
Apollo 13 props
Apollo 13
Apollo 13 - 6
Apollo 13 Command Module
Apollo 13
apollo 13
Apollo 13
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Apollo 13: Review By Slysnide

"Edge of your seat suspense in an out of this world drama." At 13:13 UTC on Friday April 11th 1970, Apollo 13 took off from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Florida. On Monday April 14th at 3:07:53 UTC, approximately 200,000 miles from Eath, upon ... Source: MovieWeb

NASA's Apollo 14 Mission 40 Years on -- Triumph Over Adversity

Apollo 14 was the first mission to the moon since the ill fated flight of Apollo 13. It was also commanded by the first American in space, Alan Shepard. Apollo 14's crew also included Edgar Mitchell, the Lunar Module Pilot who accompanied Shepherd to the ... Source: YAHOO!

LRO could have given Apollo 14 crew another majestic view

The Apollo 13 landing had to be aborted because an oxygen tank explosion crippled the spacecraft as it was on its way to the moon. It was a heroic effort just to return the crew safely to Earth, but the Apollo 14 team knew a second failure would probably ... Source: PhysOrg

Stevie Wonder To Be Inducted Into 'Apollo Theater's Hall Of Fame'

The Isn't She Lovely? hitmaker will be named an Apollo icon in a ceremony in the Big Apple on 13 June (11). The honor will be a significant one for Wonder - he started his career at the Apollo in 1962 when he was just 12 years old, when he performed as a ... Source: Post Chronicle

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's Lifelong Consciousness Research, Inspired by Apollo 14 Mission, Celebrated on ...

On the heels of the failed Apollo 13 mission, the world set its collective intention on the heroes' wellbeing. On the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 14 lunar launch this month, global interconnectedness continues to redraw the map of modern civilization. Source: YAHOO!

Isn't it lovely? Harlem's Apollo Theater to induct Stevie Wonder into Legends Hall of Fame

will be inducted into the Apollo Legends Hall of Fame on June 13. Past inductees have included Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin. Wonder got his start at the Apollo in Harlem in 1962 when he was 12. He was known as "Little Stevie Wonder." Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Stevie Wonder to Join Apollo Theatre Hall of Fame

The announcement was made on February 2 and the ceremony is planned for June 13. Wonder joins fellow music legends Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson in the Apollo's Hall of Fame. The man once know as the "wonder child" grew up to become ... Source: msnbc.com

Farr witnessed 3 Apollo liftoffs with ‘broken arrow' team

As part of the Air Force Radiological Assessment Team, Farr was on site for the Apollo 11, 12 and 13 missions, his daughter said. The so-called “broken arrow” unit was there in case anything went wrong with the nuclear-powered reactor associated with ... Source: MySanAntonio

Deer Lakes girls down Apollo-Ridge

Shannon Dugan had 16 and Candace Scanga added 13 for Deer Lakes (13-1, 7-1), which has won three straight games. Sarah Bonelli scored a team-high 12 points for Apollo-Ridge (2-12, 1-6). • Ford City 38, Elderton 34 — Ford City (12-4, 8-1) trailed, 29-28 ... Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Apollo 14’s moon shot brought back leafy legacy

Apollo 14 was America’s third trip to put men on the moon. It followed the ill-fated Apollo 13 and recaptured the heart of the nation as Shepard and Mitchell successfully gathered 93 pounds of moon rocks, took a four-hour hike and whacked two golf balls ... Source: Biloxi Sun Herald