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Baby Vox- Doll
The REAL Talky Tina, REAL DOLL! Fail Toy? Twilight Zone Brikette Doll by Mike Mozart
Sucker Punch Full Trailer [HD]
GIRLICIOUS - Danny & Nich DATING!?!?!?! say what
Manokan Shoutout Part 2
HOW TO: Apply Makeup Base (BASICS)
Lady GaGa You and I NEW SONG 2010 (HQ)
Batman:TAS - Funny Moments
Hurriganes - Oh Baby Doll
Skye Plays Dress Up 6.- Babydoll2
Nars: The essentials part 1
Baby Doll and Maniac live at Laronde, May 28th, 2010
Dee Dee Ramone - Brooklyn Babe
Scary Baby Secrets Doll, Fail Toy Review Mike Mozart JeepersMedia Funny Channel on YouTube
Wrestlers on AM Philadelphia (2/2)
Baby Doll - Party of One
Quazar - The Seven Stars
Birth of a Faux - Ep 1 of Faux Baby
Being Human 2 - Baby Day - BBC Three
DiSNEY SERIES [9/12] Baby Mine - Dumbo
Babydoll Intro
Girlfriends(S04E08) - Viva Las Vegas [Part 2]
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my baby doll snider
Baby Doll Blue
Ooo a baby doll
baby doll
baby doll
baby doll
dad and his baby doll when seh was little
Baby Doll
Baby Doll
baby doll
baby doll head
baby doll
My Baby Doll
my baby doll
Baby Doll
Baby Doll
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Emily Browning's Baby Doll dazzles in new Sucker Punch banner!

One film helping jumpstart the blockbuster season is Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH , which swings into theaters March 25th. With about six weeks out, Warner Bros. has slapped up a new banner-poster for the estrogen-fuelled actioner. The lovely lady featured ... Source: JoBlo.com

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Head Bashing, Baby Smushing and Tibet: Who Wasn't Offended by This Year's Super Bowl Ads?

Homeaway.com struck a few nerves with its "test baby," a running gag in several of their ads in which a baby doll is sent hurtling through the air or, in Sunday's case, smashed into a window, while the head of the "Ministry of Detourism" assures a stunned ... Source: Entertainment Online

HomeAway apologizes after 'test baby' furor

With backlash to its controversial Super Bowl ad intensifying, Austin-based HomeAway Inc. on Tuesday apologized for a scene that shows a baby doll being smashed into a wall and removed that part of the ad campaign from its website. While the doll was ... Source: Austin American-Statesman

Indianapolis woman relieved by baby bumper investigation

She carries with her a small baby doll accompanied by a crib accessorized only by a tightly fitting mattress. "We've gone out to baby expos, to health fairs; we're even speaking in the high schools." Higgins said. Ultimately, Higgins' hope is that her ... Source: msnbc.com

Vacation rental company to change 'test baby' ad from Super Bowl following complaints

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A vacation rental company says it will remove an image of a baby doll smashing against a window from a Super Bowl ad after complaints that the ad was insensitive toward child abuse and injuries. Homeaway.com Chief Executive Brian ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Queens jury hears baby-sitter Kristal Kahn's horror tale of tot's drowning in bucket of water

I picked him up and tried to rub his back." Later on the same videotape, she used a plastic baby doll to show prosecutors how the boy was bent at the waist leaning into the bucket. Khan, 29, faces four years in prison on the reckless assault charge. Source: New York Daily News

After Getting Complaints, HomeAway.com's Super Bowl Ad Featuring Baby Doll Getting Slammed into a ...

After receiving complaints that its Super Bowl ad was insensitive toward child abuse and injuries, HomeAway.com will remove the image of a baby doll slamming into a window, reports the Hollywood Reporter . The commercial for the vacation rental company ... Source: Tvweek.com

Baby African Grey Parrot Vomitted And Died

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HomeAway pulls 'smushed baby' Super Bowl ad

HomeAway is pulling the "smushed baby" TV ads shown on the Super Bowl that have drawn criticism from child advocates and even some of its its own vacation-rental partners. The ads depicted a doll being accidentally hurled against a wall to demonstrate how ... Source: News-Press