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Mark Levin vs. Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer: don't call her senator, call her unemployed!
Barbara Boxer Rips Sarah Palin
Sen. Barbara Boxer Defends Demand to be Called Senator by US General
RN Power: Building The National Nurses Movement with CNA/NNOC
Alameda County's Greenest Building Recognized
Barbara Boxer Brags About Expanding Costly Government-Run Health Care Plans
Fox News Hosts Discuss Barbara Boxer Disrespecting A Brigadier General
Barbara Boxer Slaps Down Lindsey Graham
Interview with Senator Barbara Boxer
Gay's Heckle Obama At Boxer Fundraiser
Are Senator Barbara Boxer's - Global Warming Hurricanes Statments True?
Barbara Boxer Long Beach Departure
Barbara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina California Sentate Debate Part 1 one
Barbara Boxer Next At Top Of Political Black List
Barbara Boxer Remix - Don't call me Ma'am!
Elizabeth Carlton prepares to lobby Senator Barbara Boxer about HR 808
Perfect Storm: Has Barbara Boxer Met Her Match? - CBN.com
Boxer: McCain Crawling into Corner with Blanket
Senator Barbara Boxer shows her Progressive Racism
Obama visit San Francisco 5.25.2010 Fairmont Hotel Fundraiser Barbara Boxer motorcade end of visit
Barbara Boxer Objects To Health Care Protesters' Attire
GAY MARRIAGE: Sen. Boxer says it hasn't hurt HER Marriage
Obama Faces Hecklers at Boxer Fundraiser
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Sen: Begich AK and Jasjeet Singh Harpreet S Sandhu Ravinderpal Singh Navjeet KaurBalbir Singh Jaswant S Hothi Dr Pritpal Singh
Laura at Barbara Boxer's office
Amanda at Barbara Boxer's office
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
Sen: Boxer and Sen: Cantwell
Sen: Boxer and Sen: KloBucher
US Senator Barbara Boxer and Alyssa Milano Rally for Proposition - 21106
Ravinderpal Singh Navjeet Kaur Sen: Klobucher Barbara Meislin
David Roth and Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
Sen: Kristen Gillibrand NY
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
Sen:Gillibrand Dr Pritpal Singh Denise Bauer Harpreet S Sandhu
US Senator Barbara Boxer and Alyssa Milano Rally for Proposition - 21106
Dear Barbara Boxer
Lunch is served
Sen: Mark Begich AK Dr Pritpam Singh
Senator Barbara Boxer speaks to Change It Students
Sen: Boxer Event
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Barbara Boxer Secret Moment

I had a rare, momentary insight into Boxer, and the kind of ego and strokes it takes to make a national candidacy. I did this by doing as was my habit at the time, and still is, by standing in the wrong place (for Boxer) at the right time (for me). I have ... Source: Associated Content

Democrat Barbara Boxer, Republican John Mica plan second 'date' -- in Los Angeles

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's and Republican Rep. John Mica's date for President Obama's State of the Union speech went so well, there will be a second date, in Los Angeles. Asked how the unusual seating arrangement went, Boxer joked on MSNBC on Tuesday ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Roskam says GOP to press Obama, Democrats for concessions in federal budget negotiations

Republican U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam of Wheaton says the new House GOP majority will use its leverage on Democrats who control the Senate and White House to get concessions in exchange for help in passing an increase in the debt ceiling and a new budget ... Source: Chicago Tribune (blog)

Capitol Alert: Barbara Boxer overseeing investigation of Sen. Ensign

The long-simmering Senate Ethics Committee investigation of Republican Sen. John Ensign of Nevada may be heating up, and this puts Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in an intriguing position. Boxer chairs the ethics panel, which announced Tuesday the hiring of ... Source: Fresno Bee

Boxer: Senate Will Hold Hearings on Climate Change

California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, chairwoman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, is ready to take on Republicans over the issue of climate change. She says she expects hearings on the issue, The Hill reports. Sen. Barbar Boxer Sen. Source: NewsMax.com

Barbara Boxer found a buddy

Another Democrat has found a Republican to sit with at the State of the Union tomorrow night. Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer will sit with a Republican Congressman, John Mica of Florida. She's chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee ... Source: 89.3 KPCC

Boxer, Feinstein call for chromium limit

Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, both Democrats, introduced the bill Tuesday. It would require the EPA, within one year of the bill's passage, to set a limit on the amount of hexavalent chromium or chromium 6 - a chemical thought to cause cancer ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Boxer excuses Obama on climate

California Sen. Barbara Boxer has excused President Obama for omitting climate change in his State of the Union remarks, after Congress failed to approve climate change legislation last year. Boxer said the omission was an attempt to avoid partisanship and ... Source: Politico.com

Cemex Legislation To Be Carried By Boxer To Avoid Earmark Restriction

Both Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman McKeon were critical players in that solution and McKeon immediately introduced legislation to stop the mining project once and forever. Unfortunately, it never got approved, but McKeon kept on trying ... Source: Santa Clarita Radio

Corning graduate receives Boxer's nomination

Barbara Boxer had nominated him for appointment to West Point. "My mom called me Thursday and said, 'Have you checked your status today?'" said Boone, son of Jeff and JoAnne Boone. When he said no, his mother told him his nomination had been received by ... Source: Willows Journal