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Seal - Kiss From A Rose
Batman forever part 4
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Batman Forever (1995) movie review.
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Batman Forever (SNES) with commentary
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Let's Play Batman For-Cheaters with Lancun (Part 12) -- Sweet, Sweet Freedom
Falling Down - Pacific Ocean (James Newton Howard)
Batman Forever OST Kiss From A Rose
The Making of Batman Forever (1995) - Batsuit and Costume Design (1 of 2)
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Ray Martin interviews Jim Carrey Pt 2 of 2 [1995]
Superhero Rewind: Batman Forever Review Part 1
Batman Forever
Kiss From a Rose by Seal
The Making of Batman Forever (1995) - TWO-FACE
Let's Play Batman For-Cheaters with Lancun (Part 11) -- Cheatmaster Lan
Interviews with Jim Carrey from Ace1-The Grinch part1
Batman Forever - Megadrive Soundtrack (1995) - Gotham Bank
Film Faults: Batman Forever
Batman Forever( Best music video^^)
Batman Forever - Two-Face and The Riddler
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Batman Forever
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BatMan Forever
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Batman Forever In The News

Duke Nukem Forever is a tawdry, sometimes gratifying, spectacle

Viewed as the fulfillment of a nearly 14-year-old promise, "Duke Nukem Forever" delivers on all fronts. But held up to the polish, the technical marvels and the intricacies of the modern day shooter, this game — so belated it is almost mythical — is ... Source: msnbc.com

Batman to face Catwoman, Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Batman Forever . Many speculated that Nolan's choice might be Clayface, a prominent villain in the Batman comic book and animated television series, due to an audition that took place for the part of Julie Madison , a character connected to the Clayface ... Source: HULIQ.com

Contest Winner: MIMOBOT Darth Vader And Batman USB Flash Drive

Well, actually, there were two bumps – Batman Forever and Batman & Robin both of which are products of Mr. Schumacher. Sure enough, Thomas put his keen eye to use, identified our Batman photoshopped right out of a Schumacher production and sent in the ... Source: Shockya.com

Righting the Ship: The Dick Grayson-Batman Persona in Detective Comics

Dick Grayson is Batman. Still an odd statement ... For much of that time he seemed to be forever the dutiful son. Even though he dropped the boy wonder bit, adopting a more fitting persona with his age, and had his disagreements with his adoptive father ... Source: Popmatters.com

'60s 'Batman' band to perform in Dickinson

Such a familiar tune of the Batman TV series was comprised by musical talent Johnny ... Till I drop dead … I want to play till forever.” Source: Dickinson Press & Advertiser

Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker

When Bruce Wayne is almost killed in one of the Joker's latest attacks, Batman vows to avenge his mentor and put the Joker to rest forever. Get ready for heart-stomping action, awesome adventure and amazing revelations in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Source: High-Def Digest

Ten Things that Ticked Me Off in 2010 (Green Lantern, No Ordinary Family, Heroes, Batman Inc., etc.)

Just stupid. DC is once again finding a way to muddy the purity of their classic characters forever. Comic fans demand change but scream about it down the line. You should scream about this stupidity, not buy it! More than one Batman is the lamest thing ... Source: Inside Pulse

15 Worst Comic Movie Villains

Sabertooth was made out to be a moron in this movie, when he was more opinionated in the comics. 5. "Two-Face" in the movie "Batman Forever". They made Two-face silly in the movie when he was a more serious character. 6. "Galactus" in the movie "Fantastic ... Source: Associated Content

5 Actors that Have 'Earned' Their Positions as Best

At the top of the best actor list is Robin Williams. Controversial? Not at all. Mr. Williams has displayed a very diverse range of acting roles in his career and excelled in each. Many might not approve of his acting roles and characters but starring in ... Source: Associated Content

Concept Artist Tim Flattery Named Entertainment Design Chair at Art Center College of Design

Previously, he has overseen the full-size construction of custom vehicles, which he designed for films such as the Fantasticar for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the Batmobile for Batman Forever, and the Amphibicopter and other vehicles for A.I ... Source: YAHOO!