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Batman returns
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Batman Returns
Batman returns AGAIN
Movie: BatMan Returns
Batman Returns
batman returns
Hall Of Records-Batman Returns
Batman Returns
5145 - Batman Returns figure
batman returns
Ertl Die Cast Figure
Batman Returns
batman returns
Batman Returns
Batman Returns
Batman Returns
Batman Returns
Colorforms Adventure Set
Batman Returns Drawing (Smaller)
Batman Returns
Batman Returns
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Across the Universe: Superman Returns

By the way, all that complaining online about Superman (and Batman and Spider-Man, for that matter) being played by a British actor and not an American? Get over it. He's not even from Earth! After all, isn't a Yank ( Robert Downey Jr. ) owning the role of ... Source: MSN Entertainment


Batman plunges deeper into the mystery surrounding the brutal ... Plus, in a story from DETECTIVE COMICS #633, Bruce Wayne returns to Wayne Manor to find no trace of the Batcave, and Alfred without any knowledge of his master’s crimefighting career. Source: Newsarama

Batman: The Animated Series "Two-Face, Parts 1 And 2"

When Batman finds Two-Face breaking into Thorne’s attorney’s office, he tries to appeal to Harvey Dent by mentioning Grace. For a fleeting moment, Harvey’s voice returns, aching for his lover, but it is interrupted by one of Two-Face’s henchmen ... Source: A.V. Club

Robin in Batman: Dark Knight Rises?

A quick little tidbit has been brought to our attention courtesy of Ain’t it Cool , that mentions an unidentified source as saying production crews for The Dark Knight Returns were looking ... be used as a hideout for Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Source: BSCreview

Dennis O'Neil's Comics and Graphic Novels Writing Class Returns at NYU

For more information, see the university’s home page. For over 30 years, editor and writer Dennis O'Neil put the "dark" in the Dark Knight and was the guiding force behind the Batman mythos. He has been called a living legend, a master of the comics form ... Source: Comic Book Resources

Bond and Batman reject Henry Cavill is new Superman

This is not Cavill's first Superman rodeo, having been a leading contender for the part back when directors Brett Ratner and McG were attached to direct Superman Returns , which Bryan ... for the title role in Batman Begins . The Dark Knight screenwriter ... Source: News.com.au

SHELF LIFE: Comics aren’t just for kids

Watchmen," "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns," "V for Vendetta," and "Sandman" consistently appear on the list. While each holds some appeal for older teens, they were crafted with adults in mind. These bestsellers, along with the books listed here, are ... Source: Missoulian

'Glee' becomes latest series to exploit post-Super Bowl slot

Here are a few series pilots that fumbled their chance: 1985: "MacGruder and Loud" (ABC): Aaron Spelling crime drama about married patrol cops lasted only three months. 1986: "The Last Precinct" (NBC): Adam West ("Batman") returns to prime time, but not ... Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The 10 Best Superhero Movies

Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken combined in one movie. Each of them gives the performance of a lifetime in Batman Returns and Tim Burton scores a grand slam here. The series went to the toilets after this one which is ... Source: Associated Content

'The King's Speech' gets 12 Oscar nominations

Two years ago, Bale's "Batman" co-star, the late Heath Ledger ... At the other end are "Winter's Bone" with $6.3 million and "127 Hours" with $11 million, respectable returns for lower-budgeted independent films but small change next to big studio productions. Source: KABC