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Batman Arkham Asylum Demo W/ Commentary P.1
You Can Bank On Batman 1.1 - Power Brick and 10 Minikits (Lego Batman Machinima)
How To, Batman! - How to Feed Some Goats
THe Batman Intro 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum Invisible Predator Video
Batman Tech Part 1/6
Batman joke time - Batangenyo SUPER COMEDY part 2
First look at Batman: Under the Red Hood 1/2
CGR Undertow - LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME for Xbox 360 Video Game Review
Batman - Chase Me
Batman like Grappling Hook Gun, DIY Tutorial : Backyard FX
Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Iron Man and Batman
Batman: Battle for the Cowl Part 1
Batman Movie - Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb...
Mortal Kombat vs DC: Chapter 2 - Batman
Batman The Brave and the Bold Video Game - DS | Wii - official launch trailer HD
Robin's Holy's first season Batman
Batman Arkham Asylum Gameplay 34 [HD]
Batman: Arkham Asylum Gameplay-Protect the Batmobile
Gaga vs Batman, or Taylor Swift? Behind the Awesome
Blackops Best Emblems Ep 10 Batman Special
The Dark Knight Trailer. IN LEGO!!!
Batman Cartoon 1968 - The Crime Computer
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batman wedding grey
Goddamn Batman
SNES Batman Forever Sealed
Batman Graffiti Tin Sign
Killer Croc
Holy flash Batman
BATMAN leggings
Knight and Squire - England's Batman and Robin
Batman icon
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First Batman, Now Supes! Why Are the All-American Heroes Now British?

Right, right. Don't forget Batman, aka Christian Bale —who also has joined the grand limey conspiracy going on in your brain—as well as Scot James McAvoy , who has stolen our rightful X-Men franchise right out from our poor, proud Uncle Sam. They're ... Source: Entertainment Online

Tom "Batman" Brady: Comparing Superheros to Your Favorite Coaches and Players

SATIRE — Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the New York Jets were coached by the Penguin from Batman instead of Rex Ryan ? How about if his brother were the Violater from the movie Spawn? Well, there's no denying that it would make the NFL ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Batman: Arkham City - GameSpot's Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Batman: Arkham Asylum seamlessly tied its subject matter and mechanics into a cohesive experience that ultimately showed how great a game could be based on a licensed property. For the sequel, Batman leaves the confines of the asylum and heads to the city ... Source: Gamespot News

What Character Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play in Dark Knight Rises, the New Batman Movie?

It is not yet certain that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in Dark Knight Rises, but the actor is reportedly in negotiations with for an appearance in the new Batman movie, which seems certain to become a blockbuster. The proposed role for Gordon-Levitt ... Source: Associated Content

'Batman': Christian Bale Open To Fourth Movie, Robin Williams As Villain?

Batman never quits. Neither does Christian Bale. When the Welsh star teamed up with director Christopher Nolan to take on the role of the Caped Crusader, the plan was for a three movie run. Now, the box office busting Batman says he's open to donning the ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Robin Williams a Batman villain?

While promoting his new solo album "Ordinary Alien" on the BBC's "Breakfast" show, Boy George says his 1980s chart-topping band Culture Club is planning to reunite in 2012 with a "huge worldwide tour." A new album also is in the works. "Detroit 1-8-7" star ... Source: Detroit Free Press

Luthor outwits Batman in latest DC Universe Online cinematic

Sony's got another CGI trailer for DC Universe Online to show off. A shame the actual game doesn't look nearly this shiny, but let's not be shallow and stay hung up on looks. The cinematic is titled "Fractured Future" and stars a man named... Fracture ... Source: Neoseeker

Batman leads league of 2011 video game sequels

The Caped Crusader's Batman: Arkham City, due this fall for PS3, Xbox 360 and PCs, joins follow-ups in the Zelda, Gears of War and Mass Effect franchises. "2011 looks huge for new releases, maybe even fuller than 2010," says Leigh Alexander of industry ... Source: AZCentral.com

Might Joseph Gordon Levitt be Batman’s Robin?

The web is abuzz over the rumor/news that Joseph Gordon Levitt is being brought into the next, what Christopher Nolan has said is his “final” Batman movie. The buzz is that he’s been cast. The rumor is that the “Inception/(500) Days of Summer ... Source: Orlando Sentinel (blog)

Batman Meets The Flash (Drive) in This Week in GeekTech

Welcome to another fun-filled installment of This Week in Geek, where we round up some of our favorite stories from the past seven days (or so). Enough with the formalities; let's geek out. Not all of us at GeekTech are Mac users, but we couldn't miss out ... Source: PC World