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Bill Clinton tells Chicago crowd Rahm Emanuel is 'fearlessly honest,' would make great mayor

CHICAGO (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton says Rahm Emanuel was one of the main reasons he was elected president. Clinton praised his former top aide Tuesday at a rally in Chicago, where Emanuel is running to replace the retiring Mayor Richard Daley ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Carol Moseley Braun says Bill Clinton is betraying minorities

The campaign to be the next mayor of Chicago continues to develop largely along racial lines. On Wednesday former Democratic Sen. Carol Moseley Braun said that former President Clinton betrayed minority communities by campaigning for former chief of staff ... Source: YAHOO!

Bill Clinton urges Chicagoans to back Emanuel for mayor

A “big city” needs a “big mayor,” and that’s why Chicago needs the man who helped him pass the Crime Bill, former President Bill Clinton told a crowd of 700 people at the Cultural Center Tuesday. “You need a big person for the job,” Clinton ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Bill Clinton to Campaign with Rahm Emanuel in Chicago

President Bill Clinton will appear at a campaign rally with Rahm Emanuel in Chicago next week. Emanuel, a former Congressman and former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, is running for mayor of Chicago. Emanuel was a senior aide to Clinton when he ... Source: Roll Call Online

Bill Clinton in Chicago for Rahm Emanuel triggers more national coverage of mayor's race

Former President Bill Clinton hit Chicago on Tuesday to boost Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign. Read Chicago Sun-Times Abdon M. Pallasch report here on the event at the Cultural Center. The Clinton event is making heavy national news in print and broadcast ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times (blog)

Bill Clinton,Monica and China

With all the talk about Barack Obama who recalls Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. To me Monica was a way for Bill to get out of trouble. The trouble, campaign contributions from China. From early on I felt Bill Clinton's trouble with China was more ... Source: Associated Content

George H.W. Bush gives TV host a look at presidential note he left for Bill Clinton

Brad Meltzer, author and host of the History Channel series "Brad Meltzer's Decoded," knew he had a fan in President George H.W. Bush when the former commander-in-chief asked if Meltzer would autograph a copy of his book, "The Millionaires," for him ... Source: Detroit News

Bill Clinton urges Chicago crowd to back Rahm Emanuel

C HICAGO — Former President Bill Clinton lent his support and celebrity to a former top aide on Tuesday, telling a crowd of hundreds of people they should back Rahm Emanuel’s bid to be the next mayor of Chicago because he’s "fearlessly honest" and ... Source: Boston Herald

Bill Clinton comes to Chicago to campaign for Rahm Emanuel

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Former President Bill Clinton campaigned in Chicago on Tuesday for his former adviser Rahm Emanuel, who seeks to become the city's mayor. Appearing before a cheering crowd of about 400, Clinton said Chicago is "critical to America's ... Source: YAHOO!

Bill Clinton stumps in Chicago for Rahm Emanuel

Bill Clinton campaigned on Tuesday in Chicago for Rahm Emanuel, steering clear of accusations that the former president has turned his back on the city’s African-American community and instead talking up the mayoral candidate as “a gale force of ... Source: Politico.com