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American Robin - HD Mini-Documentary
sundance 2008. Mathew perry and Lauren Graham
America's Team: Being A US Airforce Thunderbird
Thia~ Plain White T's 1234 Acoustic, I'm Yours- Jazon Mraz & Three Lil' Birds - Bob Marley
America's Chinese painter - Ms. Yahong Shen
Leopard vs Striped Hyena, female leopard defeats hyena protecting young.
Wild South America - Amazon Jungle - Clay Lick
Miracle Planet Episode 5 Survival Of The Fittest Part 1/4 HD
Drinking monkeys & bathing birds - Wild South America - BBC Earth
The Concrete Jungle - Sizzle Opening
Driving around Guatemala City, Guatemala sights and sounds August 2009
America Sings Farewell (part 1)
Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii
Gypsy Cove
100 Heartbeats- Saving the California Condor
MATTHEW PERRY Birds of America (2008) 2-9 Subtitulada
Miley & Mandy Show! THE BIRDS, THE GLOBES, THE UPDATE! Legendado
APH - Boads and Birds
Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Wright Part 1
Virginian Partridge - John James Audubon - Birds of America
anthem of Virginia USA
Metal Detecting America Episode 12 - I&M Canal Fathers Day 2009 Pocket Spill
The Beatles-Blackbird
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I got a wee bit obsessed with taking pictures of birds
feeding birds
Humming Birds
Birds of America promo still
the night birds
te amo
Humming Birds
Humming Birds
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Birds Of America In The News

U.S. government commits avian holocaust with mass poisoning of millions of birds

The USDA even reports the number of birds it has poisoned to death in a PDF document posted ... that humans have already caused widespread destruction of animal habitat across North America; now our own government is actively murdering literally millions ... Source: Natural News.com

In Defense of Al Jazeera: A Response to Marc Ginsberg

Former Ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg (during the Years of Lead, it should be noted) has penned a piece for the Huffington Post asking if Qatar-based Al Jazeera has fueled "Tunisteria" (that is, stoked the already-burning fires spreading across the ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

2011 League Tables: J.P. Morgan Surges Out of the Gate

J.P. Morgan’s North American M&A group is preparing to get a new co-chief , but the department already seems to be firing on all cylinders. Clearly, it’s early, but J.P. Morgan has jumped out to a nice lead in the league tables that rank investment ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Beyond Cheese Steaks: A Tour of Philadelphia Restaurants

steak institutions, these days locals are just as likely to line up elsewhere for house-cured charcuterie, farm-fresh beet salads and delicate foie gras terrine. Confirmation of the city’s evolving palate came on a recent evening in the form of a ... Source: New York Times

Hundreds of South Dakota dead birds poisoned by USDA

So the USDA put out DRC 1339 poison for the birds, Woods said. "Lethal means are always a last resort," said Woods. "In this situation it's what we had to do." Woods said most of the birds died near the site of the feed lot, but about 200 were strong ... Source: YAHOO!

A way out of a debt standoff?

Prior to 1917, Congress had to give its approval for each individual debt issue. With the massive borrowing necessitated by America’s entry into World War I, that case-by-case approach was no longer feasible. So now every year, or every couple of years ... Source: msnbc.com

Arkansas releases photos of new facilities

In order to compete in the world of college football, you need to bring the best football players to your school. More and more these days, that means schools have to spend money to bring those players to their campus. One of the more popular ways to do ... Source: CBS Sports

Enjoy the antics of birds during the winter months

It's, at best, a motley crew … but they're birds, and we've learned through the years to pay ... I also became interested in the history of their arrival in North America and subsequent events now known as “The Sparrow War.” That story has been ... Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

Capitalism, Market Fundamentalism, and the Duplicitous Meanings of Democracy

"America's journalists are not "newshounds." They are nothing more than salesclerks, hocking the products their employers want to sell. The pretty faces that now function as most television news anchors are no different than the pretty models used to sell ... Source: Gather.com

Report: 'Angry Birds' will become animated series

Now, the "Angry Birds" may be migrating to your television. Mikael Hed is CEO of Rovio Mobile , the Finland-based company that created the ridiculously popular mobile game -- in which players solve physics puzzles by flinging an armada of irritated avians ... Source: CNN