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MTV Commercials (September 4th, 1997)
Julianne Moore in Laws of Attraction
Boogie Nights:Deleted Scene
Mark Wahlberg on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos
Sexy movie kisses
Thomas Jane Hates Child Molesters
Boogie Nights Special:
Boogie Nights - JUSO
Interview: Justin Bartha Challanges Matt Zaller to a Babble Battle
Code Unknown-Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys - Michael Haneke- part1
Boogie Nights
Jersey Boogie NYC - Michael Jackson Boogie Nights
Boogie Nights Star Wars LIghtsaber Mashup NSFW
Joy- Apollo 100- 1972
Ibiza Dogs - Boogie Nights (Robophonic Mix)
Billy the Kid - Boogie Nights
Boogie Nights Joanna Gleason freaks out
Geat scene from the movie Boogie Nights - 1997
Boogie Nights Video Trailer
Will to Power - Boogie Nights (1990)
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Boogie nights
boogie nights
boogie nights
Boogie nights
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Boogie Nights
Boogie Nights
Boogie nights
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boogie nights
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Open slather: Victory dances turn tennis into boogie nights

THE way things have been going this Australian Open it might soon be more apt to say at the end of a match: ''Game. Set. Match. Now let's boogie.'' It appears that following on from other sports, victory dances are becoming all the rage. Last week it was ... Source: Brisbane Times

2nd Sunday Nyc with Bryan Boogie at Bar 13

DJ Bryan Boogie has been spinning for over 15 years since his early ... n Rock, Slide, Ruby Skye, 550 Barneveld, 1015 Folsom, Hotel Ibiza, City Nights, and Sound Factory. He has played along side some of the best DJ's in the world like Mark Farina, Miguel ... Source: Resident Advisor

Mark Wahlberg: Appreciated, if not nominated

At times that blandness serves as a blank slate ("Boogie Nights"); at times it gets misplaced as quiet magnetism ("Rock Star"); and at times it seems so familiar it veers into self-parody ("The Happening"). But at its best, in "The Fighter," it suggests an ... Source: Kansas City Star

Movies that set the mood: 'Star Wars,' 'The Notebook,' and... 'Saw'?

Other suggestions from women included Cruel Intentions, Boogie Nights, American Psycho , “hard-core porn,” and Shrek . The gentlemen thought 300, Saw, Anchorman, Boogie Nights , and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were also worthy contenders. Shrek , ladies? Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

The winners of Atlantic City Weekly’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Nightlife Awards

The best of Atlantic City’s nightlife were celebrated at Boogie Nights in Resorts on Thursday night. Local celebrities such as Scott Reilly from 103.7, Jade Starling from the band Pretty Poison, and singer Tiffany helped Atlantic City Weekly’s 2011 ... Source: Examiner

Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit from iconic 1976 poster donated to Smithsonian

The poster is a an iconic symbol of late 1970's popular culture and has appeared in films and television shows set in the era, including the 1997 film " Boogie Nights " and the long running sitcom "That '70's Show." Fawcett died in 2009 at the age of 62 from cancer. Source: New York Daily News

The new-old Resorts has a great deal for you---a $25,000 Valentine's Day package

For a mere $25,000---not really so much for a wedding these days---you get it all: suite room for the wedding couple, full wedding in Boogie Nights with Mr. Boogie and/or Dee Dee Rivera as the minister, first dance to Prince, Michael Jackson or Madonna ... Source: Examiner

CasiNotes: Songwriting duo's A.C. theme song to debut at awards party

The pulsating dance-a-tronic track will have its world debut at next Thursday's third annual Atlantic City Readers Choice Nightlife Awards bash sponsored by AtlanticCity Weekly.com, at Boogie Nights inside Resorts Casino Hotel. "Every major city has a song ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Julianne Moore Makes 'Weed' Joke At Hasty Pudding Award Ceremony?

When an aspiring actor dressed as her 'Boogie Nights' co-star Mark Wahlberg mocked Julianne for her Boston accent in '30 Rock', she jumped in to defend herself. She said: "I didn't think it was that terrible. I work 'HAH-D!' I'm not gonna stay. My cah is ... Source: Post Chronicle

Moore’s the merrier at Hasty festivities

It was a DOR-chester accent!” Julianne clamored after a Hasty dressed as her “Boogie Nights” co-star Mark Wahlberg called out her “30 Rock” alter-ego Nancy Donovan for desecrating the local lingo. “I didn’t think it was that terrible!” Source: Boston Herald