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L_tna (1959) 3/8
1980 in Film
ACPW Niles Young w/Noel Harlow vs. Ian Cross
Preview: Peter Hitchener's Seagull Revenge - The Inquiry 23.10.09
Lieutenant Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
RBAR~2 - The Happening - Aerobics Wankers
Soldiers of the Queen
Battle of Long Tan - Producer Martin Walsh
Breaker Morant (End)
Soldiers Of The Queen
Breaker Morant Film Trailer
Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant (Rompiendo ortos) Sub.
Australians at War We're on a long trek now Part 5
Breaker Morant - Backfired (live @ roxanne)
Australians at War We're on a long trek now Part 2
Last Man Standing Australian Boer War Anzac Light Horse Veteran
The Soldiers Of The King-JOSEPH PHILLIPS(full version)
Breaker Morant 1981 TV trailer
Breaker Morant (part 9)
Mark Hunt vs Ray Sefo Part 2
Breaker Morant (part 3)
ACPW Ron Starr w/Loudy vs. Billy Reil
TWA Champion Breaker Morant lays the law down on Bobby Shields
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Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant (1981)
breaker Morant
Breaker Morant onesheet
Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant
Breaker Morant poster
Fermez La Bouche The Evelyn Hotel
Edward Woodward Breaker Morant
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Great Literature About the Land Down Under

Seeing photos of the floods in Australia made me realize I don't know much about that country (I liked the movies "Breaker Morant" and "Crocodile Dundee"). What books (fiction or not) would give me a good picture of "the land down under"? — C.R., Eugene ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance benefit aims to battle autism

Audience members will also enjoy the women's wrestling division debut, a six-man tag team fight and the TWA's heavyweight title match between Breaker Morant and "Beautiful" Bobby Shields. Source: NJ.com

Local movies

BREAKER MORANT" -- Feb. 16. OPEN CALL FOR EXTRAS -- Wednesday, Feb. 2, doors open at 10 p.m.; filming begins, 11 p.m. -- Boardwalk Complex, 28 North Park Row -- seeking male/female talent, 21-35, to be extras in a dance club scene in Lyons Den Productions ... Source: Erie Times-News