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Valley of the (killer) dolls

Though she specializes in dim-bulb sexpots, Tilly is no dummy — witness her hilarious turn in 2004's Seed of Chucky. In addition to providing the voice for killer doll Tiffany (whom she also portrayed in 1998's Bride of Chucky ) she also plays "Jennifer ... Source: San Francisco Bay Guardian

Valley of the (killer) dolls - Page 2

JT There are a lot of rumors — they definitely have the go-ahead to make the next Chucky movie, and I think that was one of the ideas. The other idea was to continue the Seed of Chucky story, because people really like the character of (Chucky's child ... Source: San Francisco Guardian

This Chucky Casemod Will Scare The Pants Out Of You

Chucky the man-killing doll who spawned a cult film series that got increasingly ridiculous right with Bride of Chucky is now part of some dude’s desktop. The iconic horror villain/monster has been done homage by Omar Mazjoub, who tricked out his PC Chucky style. Source: Geeky gadgets

SOUTH BAY CONFIDENTIAL: Bizarre MLS photos can really get you noticed

Fair enough, but the trash pile is still going down as one of the worst MLS photos I saw in 2010. And then there's the Bride of Chucky. Late last year I was alerted to a Hermosa Beach listing that was packed with property photos featuring a life-size doll ... Source: Daily Breeze

Don’t expect queen to quit any time soon

Commentators are making guesses, given wedding traditions and the bride's style. She's likely to have a long ... News Online calls the Middletons' business "England's Martha Stewart to the Chucky Cheese set," and notes that Kate's parents were self-made ... Source: Cody Enterprise

The Big Hit [DVD] [1999]

Stars Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li and Michelle Yeogh all appeared in major Hollywood projects and directors John Woo, Ronny Yu and Tsui Hark directed Face/Off , Bride of Chucky and Knock Off , respectively. Another entry into this new era ... Source: femalefirst.co.uk

Seeds of love

If I had my druthers, we would be doing a movie musical remake of Child's Play ." Because fans simply couldn't get enough of Tilly in Bride of Chucky , she has another role in its sequel. In Seed of Chucky, Tilly gets to play a parody version of herself. Source: Bay Area Reporter

Chucky PC casemod

As you can see it’s designed to look like a giant Good Guys box. Good guy my arse! Chucky is outside of the box, but there’s a mini-me Chucky, Bride of Chucky and Son of Chucky inside the case. I hope he doesn’t hang around this thing at night. Source: Slippery Brick