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Times Interviews Voice Writer About "Shoot To Kill"

Last month, the Voice published a cover story about Zaire Paige , who played a murderer in the 2009 Don Cheadle film Brooklyn's Finest and then, just a few months after filming his scenes in 2008, committed an actual murder in a Brooklyn hair salon. Source: Village Voice (blog)

B'klyn salon killer gets 107 yrs. after cursing judge

Zaire Paige, who had a small role in the movie "Brooklyn's Finest," told Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice, "With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my d - - k," eliciting murmurs of "Straight up!" from members of his family in the courtroom. Source: New York Post

Antoine Fuqua’s Tupac project to shoot in April

His legacy is secure, but will the kids come to a movie about him? Fuqua (“Training Day,” last spring’s “Brooklyn’s Finest”) has said he’s looking for an unknown. And he’s got a couple of months to find that unknown.The director’s ... Source: Orlando Sentinel (blog)

NYC man gets 107 years in prison

Co-defendant Robert Crawford was sentenced last month to 53 years to life in prison. The shooting claimed the life of Lethania Garcia. A Brooklyn police officer was among those injured. Paige had a minor role in the movie "Brooklyn's Finest." Source: Oregonian

How Separate Might Yet Be Made Equal at Millennium High School in Brooklyn

Many of the finest educators in the DOE teach in so ... but there are more than a dozen de facto "elite" schools within a four-mile radius of Brooklyn's Park Slope. An academically, socio-economically and racially diverse range of students should be ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

HHB: A look ahead to hip-hop and rap in 2011

Some dates, however, have been confirmed. Everyone may not be familiar with Joell Ortiz, but he is one of Brooklyn's finest. After teaming up with Royce da 5'9", Crooked I and Joe Budden under the name Slaughterhouse (named after the first single this ... Source: Loyola Greyhound

Sundance Review: The Son of No One

Watching "The Son of No One" in the same theatre where I first saw Antoine Fuqua's far superior "Brooklyn's Finest" makes it blatantly obvious how weak Montiel's third film is. Much of its problems come from a weak premise that makes little sense ... Source: Coming Soon!

This Week in the Voice : Zaire Paige Shoots to Kill

The cover of this week's Village Voice is the story of Zaire Paige, a budding young actor who went from playing a killer in the Ethan Hawke film Brooklyn's Finest , to becoming one in real life. He now faces 107 years in prison for the murder of suspected ... Source: Village Voice (blog)

Zaire Paige Not Only Played a Movie Killer, He Became One in Real Life.

Police and prosecutors suspected that he was a high-ranking member of a Crips faction in Brooklyn. Appearing in Brooklyn's Finest , Paige and his family hoped, was his best chance of escaping that life. Local media descended on the murder scene at the De ... Source: Village Voice

Launch Party Alert: ‘Cousin Corinne’s Reminder’

What is a Cousin Corinne, you ask? It’s a new and excellent literature and arts journal published right out of Brooklyn’s finest indie bookstore, Bookcourt. This, the mag’s second issue, has new work from writers like Nick Flynn, Stephen Elliott, and ... Source: Blackbookmag.com