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Steven R McQueen - The Vampire Diaries
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt by Edmunds' Inside Line
MW 2001: Ford Mustang SVT Cobra & Bullitt GT Road Test
charger 68 bullitt start
CD 2002: Ford Mustang GT Bullitt Edition Road Test
Bullitt, The Betsy, Black Test Car, Speed, Laurel and Hardy, WC Fields and more
Bullitt avec Steve Mcqueen (Car Chase) HQ
'01 Bullitt w/Bassani Catted X-Pipe & Borla Stinger Catbacks
2005 Ford Mustang GT Borla Stingers Exhaust
2001 Mustang Bullitt Bassani O/R X-pipe and MAC Flowpaths
Oricalc Crisis Division - Bullitt Ford Mustang GT 390 68
Ford Mustang GT Bullitt 2008
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
Bullitt Car Chase
Mustang Bullitt from WINDING ROAD Magazine
North Bullitt Eagle Highlights
Brenspeed Built 2008 Bullitt Saleen Supershaker Supercharger
Bullitt-Airport Scene 2
Ford Racing FR500 Exhaust On Mustang Bullitt
Bullitt with super 44 flowmaster and o/r x-pipe
2008 Mustang Bullitt 1/4
candy paint bullitt mustang
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Bullitt concept drawing
Mustang Bullitt 128
Bullitt - 1
Bullitt wants in
2001 BULLITT Mustang supercharger
Mustang Bullitt 125
2008 Bullitt 3657
2008 Bullitt 3657
2008 Bullitt 3657
mustang bullitt gt
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Basketball: Bullitt East girls top Holy Cross 41-31

Six-foot-two post player Lindey Young is hard to miss on the basketball court, but her Bullitt East High School teammates had a tough time finding her in the first half Monday night. Young had just three points at halftime, and the Lady Chargers had ... Source: Courier-Journal

Tractor-trailer split in two after train collision in Bullitt County

A tractor-trailer that got stuck on the railroad tracks in Brooks was cut in half by a train Monday. The driver got out of the truck and called 911, but the oncoming train couldn't stop in time, Zoneton Fire Protection District Chief Rob Orkies said. No ... Source: Courier-Journal

Chasing the Ghosts of 'Bullitt'

The second revelation was that Mr. Janes was the stuntman who hurtled down Taylor Street in the Mustang and repeatedly sideswiped the Charger on the Guadalupe Canyon Parkway at 90 miles per hour. For years, Bud Ekins was assumed to have been that driver ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Woman Shot, Killed In Bullitt County

A woman has died after she was shot in a Mount Washington home. Bullitt County sheriff's deputies have conducted interviews and they are waiting for reports from the medical examiner's office to determine how she died. At about 1:30 p.m. Thursday, police ... Source: msnbc.com

Bullitt County Student says he’s bullied at high school, shares his story with WHAS11

Louisville, KY (WHAS11) - Teens who are bullied because they are different; it’s a problem that's made national news, as some children are pushed to the point where they even take their own lives. A Bullitt County teen says he knows what those teens feel ... Source: WHAS 11

Bullitt Co. man arrested for allegedly sexually abusing teen girl

(WHAS11)- A Bullitt Co. man is charged with sexually abusing a teenager in his neighborhood. This is not the suspect’s first offense, and police say he took a particular interest in this girl. Police in Bullitt Co. say Lloyd Arnold was infatuated with ... Source: WHAS 11

Best Buy hiring in Bullitt County

Shepherdsville, Ky. (WDRB TV Fox 41) -- Bullitt County has become a distribution hub, and Best Buy is looking to hire more workers at one of its Shepherdsville operations. Best Buy has a 600,000 square foot distribution center in the Cedar Grove Business ... Source: Fox41.com

Exotic car tour provides vroom with a view

The Audi R8, which turned out to be my second-favorite car, has an engine note that sounds like the Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in "Bullitt," the ultimate car chase movie from 1968. Before my 25-minute stint in the Audi, I have never in my life done ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

William Friedkin Discusses the Development of 'The French Connection' Car Chase

It is still one of the best chases in cinema alongside " Bullitt ," and it's the kind Hollywood doesn't dare do anymore. Actually, it turns out there was never a car chase in the original script for "The French Connection," but Friedkin felt it needed one ... Source: Associated Content

Convicted Sex Offender Arrested

Lloyd Arnold, 42, faces a charge of sexual abuse. According to the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office, Arnold had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl. He was already on the sex offender registry for a conviction involving a 5-year-old girl When Arnold ... Source: msnbc.com