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Canadian Odeon Feature Presentation (1977)
Cats Don't Dance Danny's arrival slideshow
Early 90's Candleshoe commercial break #1
Trick Factory Slutz
Blonde But Not Forgotten: CANDLESHOE
80's Exodus commercial break #1
Seamus/Lavender - Now It's Time
1983 Walt Disney Home Video logo
shachi's bag
Top 11 Jodie Foster movies (in my opinion)
Every Disney Movie Part 7
80's Exodus commercial break #2
Early 90's Candleshoe commercial break #7
1987 Flintstones Chewable Vitamins Commercial
Canadian Odeon Coming Soon (1977)
Walt Disney Studio Film Collection Promo
Early 90's Candleshoe commercial break #3
Teddy Bjorn
Disney Through the Decades Part 5
In search of the Castaways
Early 90's Candleshoe commercial break #6
Young Jodie Foster-Do wah doo
Jodie Foster sings Simple Gifts
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candleshoe 3
Coca Cola Candleshoe
Candleshoe (1977)
candleshoe 2
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