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Kipling,_in_ Gloucester P1
Captains Courageous 1937 Death scene of Spencer Tracy
Michael Curtiz
1937 Oscar Winners
Captains Courageous (1937).wmv
Editing the AP Record
Hosea - Andrew Peterson
Manuel (Captains Courageous) Teil 12/12
Andrew Peterson sings I've Got News
Manuel (Captains Courageous) Teil 5/12
Manuel (Captains Courageous) Teil 10/12
Andy Gullahorn at the Bridge Acoustic Cafe
Captains Courageous
Captains Courageous Festival
Spencer Tracy, capitanes intrepidos
Victor Fleming: American Master
The Funky Ones Present: An Evening in Deep Space
NYRF 2007 - Living Chess: Captains Courageous
La Cosa
Windjammer Weekend Camden, ME Aug 31-Sep 2, 2007
Andy Gullahorn at the Bridge Acoustic Cafe
Captains Courageous -CHURCH SCENE
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Captains Courageous
Freddie Bartholomew (Captains Courageous)
Captains Courageous
Captains Courageous
captains courageous 3
captains courageous 2
Captains Courageous
Captains Courageous
rick and allan - captains courageous
Captains Courageous
captains courageous 4
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97-lb halibut netted in the Mud Hole

They haven't been abundant there since Captains Courageous days, and I've never heard of even a stray off the Jersey coast. I spent today at the Canyon Runner Offshore Seminar in the Atlantic City Convention Center, joining about 450 other anglers during a ... Source: NJ.com

Fun facts about the Oscar nominations

Only two actors have won Academy Awards in the lead actor category two years in a row — Spencer Tracy won for 1937's "Captains Courageous" and 1938's "Boy's Town," and Tom Hanks earned Oscars for 1993's "Philadelphia" and 1994's "Forrest Gump" — Two ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Oscar trivia: hosts who are nominated, back-to-back winners, biggest nominees

Only five performers have won Academy Awards two years in a row: Luise Rainer (“The Great Ziegfeld” and “The Good Earth”), Spencer Tracy (“Captains Courageous” and “Boys Town”), Katharine Hepburn (“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and ... Source: Kansas City Star

Mt. Pleasant teen Hannah Simons-Scalise loses battle with cancer

For five years, Hannah Simons-Scalise fought a courageous battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma ... including as seniors when the duo were co-captains. “She could make anyone laugh,” Tyree said. “She was very high spirited and funny and I will always ... Source: Morning Sun

Banksters, Racketeers and the 'Mafioso' We Should Be Worried About

One might wish that the media gave more attention to the courageous struggles for social justice waged ... and churches as do the "captains of industry and finance." They could not buy Capitol Hill, the way the big corporations and financiers have ... Source: Common Dreams

A bright face on too little money to fix a crumbling city

This is a job that only courageous public administrators and captains of sinking ships can fully appreciate. It would be wrong to describe this as a case of the city whistling by the graveyard. For that to be true, the whistlers must have no sense of their ... Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Ten months paternity leave? Not

Captains of industry (male) thundered that it would be the ... Some women try hard to bend that rule, from women like that courageous soldier Bex Coates, to the City’s female high-fliers who have contracted out the childcare to a house-husband. Source: Daily Mail

Colts Slam Indians

In addition to Nick s efforts, co-captains Chris Baca and Oliver Perrault lead our team in a courageous effort that exemplifies the spirit of Cobre High wrestling, Pavia said. But, tonight was Nick s night. Cobre was to head to the Bowie Wrestling ... Source: Silver City Sun News