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Alarming rise in Afghan civilian casualties - 9 March 09
(5/5) Pacific The Lost Evidence Saipan Episode 5 World War II
US General states Bush & co. are war criminals
Iraq War Heroes in the News June 12, 2007
Gaza family torn apart by war - 04 Jan 09
Medieval II Total War - The Battle Of Agincourt - Part 1
(6/11) Battlefield II Air War Over Germany Episode 1 (GDH)
FWCasualties.Of.War. Part 1.
Apache Engagement - Unarmed Casualties - Iraq
Chamillionaire Feat. Twista, MC Ren & Eazy E - The MuthaPhuckin Real! (NEW 2010)
Ostrov Damanskii (Damanskii Island) 1969 (fragments) - 1
(5/11) Battlefield II Okinawa 5 of 11 World War II
At War: photographer Don McCullin
Medal of Honor - European Assault Soundtrack - Casualties of War
(2/11) Battlefield II Okinawa 2 of 11 World War II
The Cost of War
Fury in the Pacific 1945 World War II Documentary Peleliu Angaur
(NEW 2010) Cee-Lo Green Feat. 50 Cent, Kanye West & Flo-Rida - Fuck You (Official Remix) [HD]
(9/11) Battlefield II The Battle for Monte Cassino Ep13 World War II
War or Peace? Nationalist China UN Seat; Korea Invaded 1950/12/21
Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer
Casualties of War Trailer
World War 2 - 1943 - Lower Dnieper Offensive - 2/5
The Casualties - We Are All We Have
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10Palestinian military casualties
087A Iron Man amp Casualties War
war casualties
Icasualtiesorg 122710 Afghanistan
087B Iron Man amp Casualties War
Bretonnian casualties
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Report: Afghan war kills two children daily

Berlusconi: Sex trial aims to discredit my government NYT: Pakistan, U.S. in spat over held American Report: Afghan war kills two children daily A United Nations report late last year found that civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose 20 percent in the ... Source: msnbc.com

Casualties Of War: Wounded Veterans More Likely To Die Of Coronary Heart Disease

War-time stress may lead to an increased risk death by coronary heart disease in later life. Researchers writing in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Health Services Research surveyed a cohort of 55 year old Finnish WW2 veterans in 1980, and then ... Source: Redorbit.com

The casualties of war

Former President George W. Bush has few regrets for the fatal decisions he made during his eight years in the highest office of the land. Among the things that Bush says he regrets is not finding “weapons of mass destruction that we thought were in Iraq ... Source: Salon

Two Afghan children killed in war everyday in 2010

The report /Civilian Casualties of War 2010 ,/ released on 1 February 2011, said in total over 2,421 civilian Afghans were killed in the war last year out of which 30 percent were children (under-18). A majority of the children were killed by Improvised ... Source: Reliefweb.int

Iraq war casualties rise in January

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The number of civilians, police and soldiers killed in violence in Iraq climbed sharply in January as militants launched a new wave of attacks, according to government statistics released on Tuesday. The health ministry said 159 ... Source: Reuters

2010: Worst Year for Civilian Deaths of the Afghanistan War

This means everyday 6-7 noncombatants were killed and 8-9 were wounded in the war. ...In addition to civilian casualties, hundreds of thousands of people were affected in various ways by the intensified armed violence in Afghanistan in 2010. Tens of ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Somali capital casualties highest in decade

My husband was killed," wept Hasno Ali. "He was just a businessman." The killings underscore the lack of discipline and command of Somalia's armed forces after 20 years of civil war. There have been several shoot-outs between police and soldiers in recent ... Source: Associated Press

The Car Crashes of War

Julian Assange’s term for the, largely unreported, low-death-toll killings that, it is claimed, constitute the bulk of civilian casualties in conflicts such ... pertaining to the war in Iraq”: In partnership with Iraq Body Count – considered to be ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Somalis mark 20 years of war after government fell

We rushed her to Medina hospital but she died," Ali recalled. Medina, considered one of the better-equipped hospitals in Mogadishu, is frequently so full of war casualties that the overflow of patients are treated in tents outside. These days, Ali and his ... Source: MySanAntonio

Survivors endure the memories of the Battle of the Bulge: World at War

From Dec. 16, 1944 to Jan. 25, 1945, the United States waged its costliest fight of the war -- losing more than 80,000 casualties, including 19,000 killed -- to beat back an unexpected offensive from an enemy presumed to be defeated. The action came to be ... Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer