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Clock Tower
Brisbane clock tower
Clock Tower
Clock Tower
Clock Tower Boston
The clock tower
Clock Tower Expenses
Clock Tower Manager
Clock tower
Glockenspiel Clock Tower
Clock Tower 3
Clock tower again
Clock tower
Purdue Clock Tower
Birch Memorial Clock Tower
darlington clock tower
Parliament Clock Tower
clock tower
Clock Tower
The Clock Tower
clock tower
Clock Tower
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Wisconsin Democrats flee to Clock Tower to block anti-union bill

ROCKFORD — A contingent of Democratic Wisconsin state senators fled Madison today and convened at the Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center in Rockford to block movement on a controversial budget bill. Republicans hold a 19-14 majority in the ... Source: Rockford Register-Star

Sharpie in hand, freshman joins legions of college students who sign KU's clock tower

Wind rushed through the walls of slats in the tower, chilling me to the core as I stood, shivering, waiting for an "OK" to proceed up the swaying staircase above to the top of Kutztown University's clock tower. All the while, the gigantic horns that call ... Source: Reading Eagle

Boat launch into the Delaware River, clock atop Borough Hall, better street lighting proposed in Frenchtown

FRENCHTOWN — Borough officials want downtown to be more attractive to shoppers and tourists, with ideas for a clock atop Borough Hall, better street lighting and a boat launch into the Delaware River. The bell tower on top of Borough Hall was repaired ... Source: NJ.com

Progress Solar Solutions Now Offering New Features on “Environmentally Friendly” Progress Solar Light Tower (SLT600-S)

Progress Solar Solutions™, LLC is now offering a new and improved Progress Solar(TM) Light Tower. Improvements include new MPPT controllers to increase or “boost” its solar power generation and new automated clock timers to enable users to control ... Source: PRWeb

Progress Solar Solutions Introduces New Solar Light Tower, HVR Series for Higher Volume Users & Rental Applications

The light tower is adjustable from 12-30ft in height ... In addition, there are automated clock timers to automatically or manually turn the lights on/off. The system is on a towable trailer that maximizes functionality and convenience and can be easily ... Source: Earthtimes

Construction on schedule at new DeKalb High School

At the center of the main entrance sits the frame for a refurbished clock tower that was built for the original DeKalb High School. The clock will be encased in glass, and its inner workings will be visible to those who walk through the doors of the building. Source: Daily Chronicle

Interview with Reince Priebus

Just one needs to show up for a quorum but because they're hiding, nothing happens now. PRIEBUS: Well, yes, they're hiding out at the Clock Tower Inn or some hotel in Illinois. They need to come become and do their job. And, you know, this is the problem ... Source: RealClearPolitics

First impressions of Batman: Arkham City

Batman needs to figure out where the bullet came from and does some CSI-ing to identify that Joker's shot originated in the giant clock tower located a few blocks away. Before taking off, Batman heads downstairs to see Calendar Man in his little prison cell. Source: DESTRUCTOID

Racial flaps dog 'Bama despite progress

Associated Press= BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Months after the University of Alabama dedicated a plaza and clock tower to its earliest black students, the school has been swamped with unwelcome attention over the past two weeks because of racial slurs used on campus. Source: The Guardian

Amazon, Ashiatsu and Alzheimer's

Protect the working class; reset the clock and 90 percent rate. Re: Feb. 20 John Kelso column "Tower homage at car wash is sure to end in a legal soaking." It is sad that the University of Texas is suing the Tower car wash in Cedar Park. But could it be ... Source: Austin American-Statesman