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Cloverfield 2
Movie Buzz Parody the Movie
Michael Stahl-David - Behind The Star: Episode 2
Cloverfield 2: Casuarinas (No Monster) PARTE 2
1-18-08 - Unlocking the Mystery - Part 2
Cloverfield 2 Trailer (Fake)
2 o'clock Critics - CLOVERFIELD
Cloverfield 2 Trailer
Cloverfield Monster First Attack
Famous Scenes - Fifth Element, Full Metal Jacket, The Matrix, Cloverfield, Men in Black 2, Hancock
Cloverfield 2 Monster - Mr. Hobson Returns
Cloverfield Two
Cloverfield 2: Seoul
Cloverfield 2 - Emu and Knuddelbär greifen New York an!
Ataque a La Estatua de la Libertad (Cloverfield 2)
Cloverfield Game Test 2
spore cloverfield monster 2
Matt Reeves, Lizzy Caplan, Michael Stahl-David, Cloverfield
Monster (2008 - The Asylum 'Cloverfield' Rip-off) Epic Rant 2/3
Cloverfield 2 Teaser/Trailer (Cloverfield Sequel)
Cloverfield (2008) Trailer 2
Cloverfield 2
CLOVERFIELD the spoof trailer
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Cloverfield 2
Cloverfield - Custom DVD Cover 5
Cloverfield (2)
Cloverfield 2
Cloverfield - Custom DVD Cover 6
Cloverfield 2
Cloverfield 2
Cloverfield 2
cloverfield 2
Cloverfield 2
Cloverfield 2
cloverfield 2 poster REAL
Cloverfield 2
cloverfield 2 promo poster
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Cloverfield 2 In The News

Where is Cloverfield 2?

Lost in development hell? Thankfully no but there is a little tidbit of news for you all. So it’s been what? Two years since Cloverfield caused a mass hysteria and motion sickness in theatres across the world and we’ve started asking some questions ... Source: Hollywood News

Matt Reeves talks future projects: The Invisible Woman & Cloverfield 2

So it's been quite a while since we've heard anything about CLOVERFIELD 2, hasn't it? To be exact we haven't heard anything regarding the long-awaited project since March. That's nearly a year ago! Well luckily for us ShockTillYouDrop chatted it up with ... Source: JoBlo.com

Matt Reeves Talks Let Me In, Cloverfield 2, and The Invisible Woman

While promoting the DVD and Blu-Ray release of his latest endeavor, Let Me In , Matt Reeves took some time to chat with Dread Central about its release and how Hitchcock influenced his style for his take on John Lindqvist’s story of isolation and ... Source: DREAD CENTRAL.COM

Exclusive: Matt Reeves on the 'Let Me In' Blu-ray, 'Invisible Woman' and 'Cloverfield 2'

Last year Cloverfield director Matt Reeves delivered an American version of Peter Lindqvist's darkly touching vampire tale about a bullied 12 year-old boy who forms an unlikely friendship with a young girl – or rather an ageless vampire forever trapped ... Source: FEARnet

Matt Reeves Talks Invisible Woman & Cloverfield 2

Before you're led to believe that the director of Let Me In is attached to a remake of the 1940 film The Invisible Woman or is doing some sort of Fantastic Four spin-off, let us explain. During today's chat with Reeves, who has hit the press circuit to ... Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com

Where on earth is Cloverfield 2?

Off the back of his remake of Let The Right One In , Let Me In , it was suspected that director Matt Reeves might make his next project the mooted sequel to monster mash, Cloverfield . But, according to a new interview with Reeves, that might not actually ... Source: Den Of Geek

DVD reviews: 'Let Me In' rivals Swedish original

Two years later “Cloverfield” director Matt Reeves took his shot at the ... A sit-down interview with Betty and Goldwyn is the best of a short list of special features. R; 2010. 2 Stars. OTHER MOVIE RELEASES: • “The Tillman Story” (Documentary, R ... Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

New DVDs due for release Feb. 1

It is from "Cloverfield" director and J.J. Abrams collaborator Matt ... R; graphic violence, gore) **  1/2 NEVER LET ME GO (Fox) Metaphorically thought-provoking parable offers food for thought but might leave hungry those looking for a more ... Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

New DVDs released this week

(R: AS, P, V) (Also on Blu-ray) •“Let Me In”: Director Matt Reeves’ (“Cloverfield”) revision of the Swedish ... R: AS, P) (Also on Blu-ray) •“Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2”: This made-for-video sequel to the live-action Disney comedy finds ... Source: Daily Oklahoman

Videos | ‘Let Me In’ takes vampire story to new level

Writer/director Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield”) directs with such sensitivity that ... But you’ll probably be hooked … with just enough time to watch these 13 episodes before Season 2 begins in early February. Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is a ... Source: Kansas City Star