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cop shoot out MAFIA 2
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Cop Out 2010
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Woman stepping out for cigarette finds baby in box

Merrillville - Police say a newborn baby girl left wrapped in a sweater inside a cardboard box on a cold night is doing well after being found by chance by a woman and her husband. The Times of Munster reported Tuesday that the full-term baby girl is in ... Source: msnbc.com

Man accused of trying to sell fake gold to cop

RANDOLPH, Mass.— A Boston man allegedly trying to sell fake gold jewelry at a Randolph grocery store picked the wrong mark to try and scam. The man approached William Pace on Sunday and offered to sell him a bracelet and chain marked as 14 karat gold for ... Source: Boston Globe

Kevin Smith, 'Red State' director, slams 'Cop Out' star Bruce Willis and Hollywood as a whole

Kevin Smith may have turned his back on Hollywood to release " Red State ," but it's A-lister Bruce Willis who's really making the actor see red. In a recent interview with the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, the famously outspoken filmmaker claimed the ... Source: New York Daily News

Smith Slams Willis Over Cop out Role

Director Kevin Smith has launched a scathing attack on Bruce Willis , branding the actor "soul crushing" to work with. The Die Hard star led the cast of Smith's 2010 comedy Cop Out, but the film was panned by critics and the moviemaker subsequently ... Source: femalefirst.co.uk

Slain Jeanine Nicarico’s father: Death penalty move a ‘cop out’

Brian Dugan earned the death sentence he faces for raping and murdering 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico in 1983, the Naperville girl’s father said Tuesday. That’s why Thomas Nicarico thinks the move by Illinois legislators to repeal the death penalty ... Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Former New Haven Cop Out of Prison: Report

A former New Haven cop who was busted for accepting bribes and stealing money from the FBI, is out of prison. William White was released from federal prison Dec. 15, according to the New Haven Register. White was arrested in 2007 after an FBI sting found ... Source: msnbc.com

Detroit cop shooter was suspect in rape

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee also pointed out that Moore's relative was sentenced Monday for a double homicide. "The perpetrator's intent was evil," Godbee said. Moore, 38, also lost custody of his 4-year-old son last week during a hearing in Wayne ... Source: Detroit News

Ore. search for man who shot cop

He's out there hiding somewhere," said Waldport city manager Nancy Leonard. "There's a lot of forested area, it's very easy to lose yourself." Meanwhile, Dodds is in critical condition at a Portland hospital. Police have video from his patrol car camera of ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

A life rebuilt: Ex-cop Don McMullin faced the same long road that Gabrielle Giffords does

Recovery can take from months to years. "People continue to face challenges," Young said. "You'll hear people say they're still making improvements two years out, four years out." Ironically, the patient may not even remember the incident that caused the ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Cop shooting suspect slipped through cracks

Suzie Sawyer, executive director of Missouri-based Concerns of Police Survivors, said that many of the families her organization helps have lost a loved one because repeat offenders and people who are out on parole have retaliated against police. Source: Indianapolis Star