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Dalmatian Puppy Cam 01
St.Mark Church Upper Vinovo Dalmatian hinterland Croatia
Dalmatian puppies
[ MR Removed ] Dalmatian - Round 1
[SHOW] 101116 E!TV CulTwo Show - Dalmatian Cut
Dalmatian barking at digger
[CLIP] 100929 Heechul YoungStreet Radio - Dalmatian (달마시안) - Officially Missing You Remix
[FANCAM] 100916 M.CAM MCD - Dalmatian - Round 1
Four dalmatians eating carrots
MC Mong - Dalmatian Love (ft. Dalmatian) (Eng Subs)
Dalmatian puppies...!!!
Dalmatian puppies feeding
CRUELLA DE VIL - 101 Dalmatians Movie ENG - (part 1)
Dalmacijo Lipa
Assam, Buchanan, Chelsea, Dalmatian and Egypt
Geek Pop: Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones
Made in Dalmatia
dalmatian pictures !
Logan & Piper the Dalmatians get gobby
Dieting dalmatian
Dog Fight!?! golden vs dalmatian
MC몽-Dalmatian Love
Dalmatians playing pull ダルメシアンの大バトル2 - ひっぱりっこ
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Happy Ending For "Ice," Dalmatian Rescued From Freezing River

Nebraska City, NE - Where else would a Dalmatian want to end up? With a bunch of firefighters and Dalmatian-lovers, of course. "Icey"--formerly known as Ice because she was floating down the river on a block of ice--now lives on an acreage outside of ... Source: Action3 News

The salute that left the Nazis foaming.

The Dalmatian mix named Jackie was owned by Tor Borg, a businessman from the Finnish city of Tampere. Borg's wife, Josefine, a German citizen known for her anti-Nazi sentiments, dubbed the dog "Hitler" because of the way it raised a paw high in the air ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Shooting of champion dog riles Ind. community

We have these all the time," he said. "They are not uncommon occurrences." Williams, who shot a neighbor's Dalmatian 15 years ago after he said it attacked his chickens, said he has wondered whether he misinterpreted Moose's behavior in the weeks since the shooting. Source: Indianapolis Star

2010 weakest year for home sales since 1997

WASHINGTON -- The number of people who bought previously owned homes last year fell to the lowest level in 13 years. But home sales in December jumped to fastest pace in seven months. The National Association of Realtors says sales dropped 4.8 percent to 4 ... Source: KABC

Nintendogs + Cats Hands-On

The Nintendogs are back, and they're bringing friends. We spend some quality time with both canine and feline. Cats and dogs living together under the same roof may have seemed impossible. However, with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, the impossible is ... Source: Gamespot News

Pet Project: Injured dog needs fighting chance

Currently, attention is focused on Comanche , a Dalmatian mix discovered near death several days after he had been abandoned. Unable to stand because of a leg injury, the dog's chances didn't look good at first. Now, at about 7 months old, the pooch is ... Source: MySanAntonio

From the comments: Readers respond to attorney Ed Czuprynski defending pit bull owner

pit bull or Pomeranian.” “Hate the DEED not the breed! ... ANY dog can attack. If Big Boy was a Dalmatian, Chocolate Lab or German Shepherd the outrage would simply be that Mr. McDaniel failed to control his dog...” “Pit bulls are NUMBER ONE for ... Source: MLive.com

phylogenic tree or biological orchard?

many scientists and textbooks claims that the "evolutionary tree" looks like this: But according to many sources, the lack of any transitional fossils between two kinds of animals and all, also seen in the holt science and technology life science textbook ... Source: Gather.com

8 great places to fly in 2011

What will you resolve to do in 2011? Never mind weight loss, or quitting smoking – what about traveling more, or traveling better? Make this the year you get out of your rut and try something new – here are eight great trips to consider as you plan ... Source: YAHOO!

Diverse kinds of dogs' coop

There are approximately as many unusual types of dog cages and beds as there are dogs - which mean that when you find a new puppy, you're in favour of a puzzling journey through the real or practical aisles of your pet supply store! While humans pretty ... Source: Zimbio