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Lady GaGa - Telephone (Acoustic) & Dance in the Dark [Live on the 2010 BRITs]
Lady Gaga Interviewed on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross [Part 2] HQ 3/5/2010
The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight (Part 1) - Rhapsody (of Fire)
Nightwish - Cadence of Her Last Breath [LYRICS+HQ SOUND]
Makeup on the fly & covering dark circles tutorial
Red Carpet Look by IMAN Cosmetics
Product Updates/Reviews w/ new camcorder!
Quick Makeup: Purple/Pink Dramatic Eyes
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow - Official Music Video
Russian Folk Songs - Red Army Choir (Good video) / Хор Красной Армии
Sonic Free Riders- Dark Story Voices (New Voice Actor Presentation)
Make-up revisited - Blue smoky eyes tutorial
James Hunnicutt - Just Noodlin'
Boy And The Ghost - Tarja Turunen
Charlie Ventura - Dark Eyes
Airliner - Julia Sheer and Tyler Ward (Original Song) - Download on iTunes
A very quick make-up demo for glasses wearers
Les Paul Trio - Dark Eyes
Why is the Sky Dark at Night?
Bright Eyes, art garfunkel live
Innocent Smoky Eye Tutorial
iConcerts Sophie Milman Ochi Chornye Dark Eyes live
Alesana - 'The Thespian' Official Music Video
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Samantha Dark Eyes
Dark Eyes
Dark eyes
dark eyes
Dark eyes-parte 7
Dark eyes
Dark Eyes
Dark Eyes
Dark Eyes (Forza Motorsport 3)
Dark eyes
dark eyes
devout dark eyes
dark eyes
Dark Eyes
dark eyes
dark eyes
Dark Eyes
Dark Eyes
dark- eyes are watching
dark eyes
Dark Eyes
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Below Eye Firming Serum Find Substances That Fade Wrinkles and Dark Circles For Glowing Skin

They are especially poor for the skin about your eyes as it is so thin and delicate there ... of weeks you will recognize the bags and wrinkles gradually disappear and the dark circles generally fade within four-six weeks. As this is not just a momentary ... Source: Gather.com

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyes "Dark Knight Rises" Role Opposite Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy

When it comes to super-hero movies, the third time is never the charm. Let's hope Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing, because the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun + Cat-Woman does not seem like a winning combination. Certainly one of the more ... Source: DailyFill

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Eyes "Dark Knight Rises" Role

Certainly one of the more anticipated movies in the making, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the latest name attached to Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises". According to Deadline, the 29-year-old is currently in talks to join the cast in a move that would ... Source: The Gossip Girls

DVD extra: Cast your eyes to the 'Dark Skies' above

Conspiracy-fueled TV shows are always trying to convince us that "the truth is out there" when it comes aliens among us. In the mid-90s, Dark Skies worked hard to make you believe that "the truth" is really true. Though it only lasted a season and flew ... Source: USA Today

3-D is 'dark, small, stroby, headache inducing, alienating, and expensive,' says Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch

But there’s a bigger problem, what Murch refers to as the “convergence/focus” issue: “The audience must focus their eyes at the plane of the screen — say it is 80 feet away. This is constant no matter what. But their eyes must converge at perhaps ... Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

League rejects Wade's tinted goggles because they are too dark

The NBA said the tinting was too dark, giving Wade an unfair advantage because the opponent could not see his eyes. Wade will be allowed to wear another pair of goggles, which he has not worn in any practices. Spoelstra said the Heat had been sending the ... Source: CNN Sports Illustrated

Christopher Nolan talks 'Dark Knight Rises' and says Henry Cavill is going to be 'amazing' as 'Superman' in ...

While Awards Campaign was back in LA with eyes glued to the SAG Awards, the always classy Pete Hammond reminded Nolan that he'd seemed set on ending his journey with the Caped Crusader after "The Dark Knight Returns." What changed his mind exactly? Source: Ksee24.com

Dark drama a starmaking turn for Olsen sibling

What makes Olsen's performance one of startling maturity and focus is that she's playing an entirely guarded woman, yet often using little more than the palpable unease in her eyes, she holds nothing back. Her Martha is both unreadably secretive and an ... Source: YAHOO!

Oscar-winning editor: 3D movies are “dark, small, stroby, headache-inducing, alienating”

The 3D image is dark … and small," writes Academy Award ... the fact that the 3D effect depends on forcing our eyes to focus in one place (the movie or TV screen) but converge somewhere else (say, the virtual location of the speeding car that's behind ... Source: YAHOO!

First 4 Figures Dark Link Statue Revealed

When Link defeats Dark Link, the illusionary tree and pond disappear from the room and the door forward opens. There will be 2 versions, the regular costing $169.99, and the exclusive (light up base & eyes) going for $189.99. Both will be released at the ... Source: Inside Pulse