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Dave Attell Tempe Improv
Jokes Without Laughter - Episode 12
Dave Attell - Retards
Dave Attell Moore Theatre
The War Ponies - What's Up - ukulele - 4 Non Blondes cover
Kate Clarke Acting Clips.VOB
Opie & Anthony: Mondo Topless
Insomniac Tour ft. Dave Attell, Dane Cook, Greg Giraldo and Sean Rouse pt.3
Appreciation of Fine Guinness
Ivan Ivana and Dave
Dave Attell and crazy black chicks
Bob Hope & George Burns outakes
Dave Attell @ the Tempe Improv
Running Over Orange Barrels On Euclid Avenue
Burning Bugs with a Bug Zapper
Darrin Rose at Comedy Store (London, England) 2010
Jamie Kennedy: Heckler Trailer - Comedy.com
The Howard Stern Show - Andy Dick Roast Part 1 (5/16/2007)
Jokes Without Laughter - Episode 11
JAGER commercial
Dave Attell - Bonnaroo 2007
Dave Attell Stand Up Comedy
Dave Attell - Jägermeister
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Dave Attell
we saw Dave Attell at the Tempe Improv
Dave Attell
Trevor and Dave Attell
Dave Attell
with Dave Attell
Alright Dave Attell from Insomniac is the guy in the left from comedy central Ryan is beside him So lost and beautiful
Hangin with the boys and Dave Attell
Dave Attell and I
with Dave Attell at Carolines Xmas Party
Dave Attell Show Tampa Improv Sept 7 2008 001jpg
Dave Attell
Dave Attell Show Tampa Improv Sept 7 2008 005jpg
Dave Attell Show Tampa Improv Sept 7 2008 016jpg
dave attell
i love dave attell
Me with Dave Attell and Louis CK Fun guys
Dave Attell
This is the saddest picture ever
Getting Ready for Dave Attell
Dave Attell Show Tampa Improv Sept 7 2008 003jpg
me and whit with our tickets to see dave attell
Casey and Dave Attell
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Comedian Ricky Gervais says actors were not offended by his jokes at Golden Globes

Comedian Ricky Gervais said today he has proof that actors were not angry at him for making snarky remarks while hosting the Golden Globe Awards -- he was drinking and hanging out with a lot of them after the show. Two days after hosting the show, Gervais ... Source: New York Post

People: What hath Ricky Gervais wrought?

Not since Chevy Chase opened the 1988 Oscars with "Good evening, Hollywood phonies" has an awards show host's remarks had everyone's Spanx in a twist. While admitting it knew what it would get when it rehired Ricky "I warned them" Gervais to host the ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

GTL Friday: Sidian Ersatz & Vanes buttondowns redefine TSBS as "the shirt beneath the sweater"

The weekend of stand-up starring Dave Attell, Jim Breuer and Bill Burr is hosted by Bayonne native Jim Norton , and it's such a rare chance to take pride in the success of someone - anyone - from our hometown, we couldn't pass up this opportunity. Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Studies: New treatments may increase cure rates of hepatitis C

Singer Jonathan Davis (Korn), 40. * Actor Jesse L. Martin, 42. * Comedian Dave Attell, 46. * Actor/director Kevin Costner, 56. * Journalist Bill Keller, 61. * Former Sen. Paul Kirk (D-Mass.), 73. * President John Tyler died in 1862 at the age of 71. Source: YAHOO!

CasiNotes: Comic Jim Norton creates 'Anti Social Network' show for the Borgata

(This is absolutely not a show for the young or easily offended.) Of course, Norton acknowledged that with three wild cards like Attell, Breuer and Burr, anything is possible. "It would be funny," he mused, "if they all did five minutes and I have to do an ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News


V , 9 p.m., ABC. A quarter-century ago, the original "V" stirred attention when Diana (played by Jane Badler) - leader of the lizard-like aliens, encased in human facades - ate a live guinea pig. Now Diana and Badler are back, setting up a three-generation ... Source: Cincinnati.com

Also on Tonight: 'Lights Out,' Haiti Updates

There's something inherently compelling about boxers' tales and a new series continues the lore, taking good care to mix the tale of an ex-champ considering a return to the ring with his very credible home life. In the strong new series "Lights Out" (FX ... Source: Hartford Courant (blog)

Greg Giraldo Benefit Show: Tom Papa Hosting Star-Studded Charity Event In NYC

Jerry Seinfeld, Lewis Black, Colin Quinn, Dave Attell and Jim Norton are just a few of the top billings, with other surprise special guests scheduled to appear and a video complication to be presented of Greg's best work. "Greg loved all these guys, these ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Scott Cronick's Casino Action: Chef Joseph Muldoon focuses on adding seafood to the menu at The Reserve

The Reserve at Bally's Atlantic City is already known as a great steakhouse. New restaurant Chef Joseph Muldoon wants it to also be known as a great seafood house. Muldoon is well aware The Reserve already offers a wide array of quality, certified black ... Source: Atlantic City Press

OFFBEAT: Shattered Globe's 'Beauty Queen of Leenane' a riveting story

Martin McDonagh 's play "The Beauty Queen of Leenane," which opened in previews Jan. 13, is a fascinating journey, peppered with some humor, while examining a world of hurt and mind games between a mother and daughter. Shattered Globe Theatre 's production ... Source: NWI.com