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Dave Chappelle - Balls
Dave Chappelle Standup - Juice and Drink
Dave Chapelle Black Bush
Dave Chapelle kicks it with paparazzi.
Dave Chappelle On Drugs
Dave Chappelle- 9-1-1 Call
Dave Chappelle - Thong Contest
Dave Chappelle - How Old Is 15 Really?
Dave Chappelle Killin Them Softly part 2
Dave Chappelle Def Comedy Host
Dave Chappelle roast and supports Oakland, CA Mayoral candidate Larry Lionel Young Jr ., MBA
Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle,Chris Tucker, Stewie Griffin, and President Obama Impressions
Dave chappelle - the 3 daves
Dave Chappelle - Black White Supremacist
Dave Chappelle - Titty Bar and His Kids
Dave Chapelle Killin Them Softly Part 5
Dave Chappelle-Superheroes
Dave Chappelle For What It's Worth 6/6 spanish sub
Dave Chapelle live in san francisco PT1. Subtitulos al Español
Dave Chapelle on Kobe
Teaching kids about drugs (Chappelle Show) Pt 1
dave chappelle emergency call
I wrote this song in 94.
Dave Chappelle Psychology 12
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Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
dave chappelle
dave chappelle
dave chappelle
dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle 5
Dave Chappelle on OPB
dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle Byaah
dave chappelle
dave chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle
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We Would Prefer Not To Take Your Standardized Tests

Around the nation, more and more school districts like New York City are considering making teacher performance ratings public. One of the many problems with this, simply put, is that the state tests which these tests are based on, well... they suck. Yep ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

A guide to San Diego comedy

San Diego has a reputation for its top-notch beaches, thriving music scene and splendid parks. Even so, America’s Finest City does claim comedian Nick Cannon, as well as Dat Phan, the original winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Plus Hollywood ... Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

PopMatters Picks: The hottest trends from the pop-o-sphere

The formidable music video ace has carved his own niche in modern moviemaking. With his unusual takes on the RomCom ("The Science of Sleep") and documentary ("Dave Chappelle's Block Party", "Thorn in the Heart") he's like a walking example of the ... Source: Sacramento Bee

This 'Hornet' Will Hurt a Lot

Kato is played with deadpan nonchalance by the Taiwanese actor Jay Chou, who is very entertaining at the outset. So is Christoph Waltz, who brings to the role of the bad guy, Chudnofsky, the mélange of sweet reason and Stygian evil that he pioneered in ... Source: Wall Street Journal

Hazelwood Central's Fraiser lets work on mat do talking for him

Fraiser might channel his inner Dave Chappelle at times, but when he's on the mat he's all business as he showed Saturday in the 152-pound final at the All St. Louis Suburban Conferences Wrestling Championships at his school. Facing McCluer North's Patrick ... Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Season 11 Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced: Lil Jon and Gary Busey Might Make it Worth Watching

Yay-ah!", and "O-kay!" (I have Dave Chappelle to thank for convincing me that these are the only three words Lil Jon knows). And I'm sure Gary Busey's charity is something crazy like the Society to Save the Mountain Oysters or something (or maybe he'll go ... Source: Associated Content

Pistols and Prayers Available on Audio Book: In-Store Launch by Author Ise Lyfe

As a spoken word and hip-hop theater artist, Ise Lyfe was featured on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam on HBO and shared the stage with legendary artists like Lauryn Hill, Dave Chappelle, Gil Scott- Heron, KRS-One, and Harry Belafonte to name a few. Source: YAHOO!

El Perfecto En Miami!

Baseball has its perfect games. Bowling has its perfect scores. Martha Stewart has her perfect everything. (You might say the old girl has perfected perfection. Think of that felony rap as just a slightly misfolded, napkin of perfect Belgian linen.) So ... Source: Scout.com

Classic Ad: Mitsubishi Eclipse

According to the natural life cycle of all things hip, the Mitsubishi commercial became ubiquitous enough to inspire mockery — including a very funny parody ad by the comedian Dave Chappelle, which our modesty prevents us from linking to. As for Dirty ... Source: New York Times Blogs

Frankie Edgar baffled by UFC's struggle to regulation in New York

Throughout his MMA career, with the notable exception of Gray Maynard, UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar (13-1-1 MMA, 8-1-1 UFC) has had all the answers. But as one of the more influential voices in the UFC's campaign to promote mixed martial arts and ... Source: MMAjunkie.com