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Non-Prophets - The Cure
VEDONIST - Dead Chimneys Monument
The Cheap Bouquet - Pierce the Veil
Massimo Ranieri - Tu ca nun chiagne'
Chopin Prelude No.15, Db Major Raindrop--Alfredo Perl
Dead Space! Chapter 7 - 8 I need a BREAK...
Pinback From Nothing to Nowhere
Destroy 2000 years of culture
Revenge, not reconciliation, vowed in Xinjiang
Vio-Lence - Calling in the Coroner
Evocation - Tomorrow has no Sunrise
Metallica - Cyanide (Lyrics + Add)
Grateful Dead - Crazy Fingers - 7/2/85
My Top 10 Favorite Metal Bands!
Use Green! Support your Iranian people's democracy! Thanks!
Death Magnetic dei Metallica Mi ha Salvato la Vita!!!!(with english subs)
Curly girls are sooooo hot!!!
Left 4 Dead Demo Discoveries!! *spoilers*
Billy Zane Is So Dead....Calm
Dead Snow - New Norwegian Horror Film
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit
Evocation - Dead Calm Chaos
Dystopia - Self Defeating Prophecy
KRDK ep10 The Rider's Tale, Thrust Is Born
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Dead Calm - 3
Dead Calm
Dead Calm
Dead Calm
Dead Calm on Cobalt Lake
Sam Neill: Dead Calm
Dead calm
dead calm
Dead calm
Dead Calm
Dead Calm (1989)
Blue Nail Polish Color Chips
Dead Calm - 2
dead calm
Dead Calm
Dead Calm
Roosting spot
Sailing on the St Charles River
Fall colors in dead calm waters
Dead Calm arty pic
Art cover by Steve Davis
Dead Calm at Looe
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Wind Farm Energy Hits a Dead Calm

Boise, Idaho -- Wind energy companies took a huge hit this week. The Idaho PUC dropped the amount of money they can collect. Wind energy proponents who say this is a huge setback. They're worried about how long this moratorium will last. And - they say ... Source: Fox12Idaho

South Sudan minister shot dead in Juba: SPLA

South Sudan's minister of cooperatives and rural development Jimmy Lemi Milla and his bodyguard were shot dead in Juba on Wednesday ... The situation is now calm and under control," the SPLA's Philip Aguer said on Wednesday. "But it is a very sad day for ... Source: Big Hollywood

Egyptian Military Moves in: 5 Dead After Overnight Clashes

Rocks and Molotov cocktails continued to fly between the protesters and pro- Hosni Mubarak forces in overnight clashes that left at least five dead and almost 1,000 wounded ... By noon local time, relative calm had fallen over Tahrir, the staging ground ... Source: ABC News

Mubarak backers assault Cairo protesters, 3 dead

This apparent rebuff along with the appearance of Mubarak supporters on Cairo's streets and their clashes with protesters -- after days of relatively calm demonstrations -- complicated U.S. calculations for an orderly transition of power in Egypt. Source: Reuters

3 dead, 55 injured in Albanian anti-govt protest

Opposition supporters battled riot police outside Berisha's office in Tirana, and health officials said three people were shot dead and 30 civilians and 24 ... Opposition leader Edi Rama also called for calm but said Berisha should heed the message from ... Source: YAHOO!

Surfer Rescuer: I Thought He Was Dead

Known around the world as a surfer's paradise and for its giant waves, Mavericks, in northern California, was relatively calm over the weekend ... I actually thought he was dead for sure," Ord said. "I was really surprised when we got him to shore that he ... Source: CBS News

Mubarak Fails to Calm Protests With Pledge to Step Down

The unprecedented protests, which followed a revolt in Tunisia that ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on Jan. 14, have left more than 100 people dead in Egypt and roiled international stock, bond and oil markets. Political turmoil is spreading ... Source: Yahoo Finance

Country pioneer Charlie Louvin dead at 83

Charlie a lot of times would calm him down, and it came out bad for him ... But as odd as it looks to modern viewers, he said, the brothers were dead serious about the message. "They really considered this to be a statement -- Satan is real, and you're ... Source: CNN

Mother, 2 kids, boyfriend dead in ND shootings

Sabrina Zephier, 19, was found dead after police received a call about "a woman down ... election may have come too late to calm protests gripping his country. White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske is warning people against taking the newest synthetic ... Source: Raleigh News & Observer

Three shot dead at Albania anti-government protest

I call for calm and maturity," President Bamir Topi said after the violence ... Protesters would observe mourning Saturday for the dead, and later hold more protests, which would be peaceful, he said. In a joint statement, the Tirana missions of the EU ... Source: msnbc.com