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MALCOLM X: Who Are You?
I OWE U an APOLOGY RUF%cking Serious SOPHIE LaceWigsnHairProducts
James Baldwin on Malcolm X (1 of 3)
Plan B - Darkest Place
Embattled leader speaks at 10000-strong rally
Israel's pre military trip to Poland (2 of 2)
Lion News: Crim. Defamation Story Of Douglas Co. Attorn. Karpan 12-02-10 P6
James Baldwin on Malcolm X (2 of 3)
Eustace Mullins - The Curse of Canaan 1/8
MALCOLM X: We Demand Our Human Rights
Good cop or Bad boy? 'Hero officer' deny slander accusations
Pwnage Olympics Week 2 entry We'll Miss You Blasphemy Challenge...
Larry King: Gay Bullying - Pt 3/3 (10/4/10) (Kathy Griffin,Wanda Sykes,Nate Berkus,Chely Wright)
Defamation of Characters part 3
Eustace Mullins - How the Rothschilds created Israel, pt 2 of 5
MSNBC: Political Analysts Defend Michael Jackson against Republican Peter King's Slanderous Comments
Plan B - Stay Too Long (Lyrics)
Abraham Foxman and ADL's Dirty Game, 1 of 2
Entertainment & Media Law : How to Prove a Defamation of Character Claim
Cop Gets Sued for Pointing Out Swedish Child Molester
Street Preachers Gunned Down In Boynton Beach
UK General Election 1997 - Neil Hamilton vs. Martin Bell
Plan B Welcome to hell Lyrics
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Defamation 3
Maelaen Spider Queen
Lord Ganesha defamation : Movement lead by Naresh Kadyan
Zenaida Defamation Case
Muredech Huntress
plan b - the defamation of strickland banks
3d airport scanners
Defamation League July 4th
Deposing the Prisoner DFM
Baby killed in Israeli defamation
Defamation of Firefighter
Relapse Collapse
Enthylia Arachne Queen
ZF-G Sues in Defamation
Raven Mutation
Ariel Sharon and Arie Genger at the ADL reception
Defamation of Character
CRIMINAL defamation to conceal criminal experimental surgery
Toguro Madness
Video Deposition Lee Anthony
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Is Dan Snyder's Defamation Lawsuit A Publicity Stunt?

When the story first broke that Dan Snyder was considering taking legal action against the ownership of the Washington City Paper, there were a scattered few who wondered whether Snyder was pursuing the suit as some sort of perverse publicity stunt. It ... Source: DCist.com

Doctor v. Lawyer: Lengthy Portland defamation lawsuit may be over

A skin care doctor's long-running battle against a Salem lawyer for defamation may have come to an end Wednesday with an appellate court ruling for the attorney. The ruling could close a case that started with a 1999 verdict over a woman's botched ... Source: Oregonian

Redskins' Snyder files defamation suit vs. paper

NEW YORK (AP) -- Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has sued Washington City Paper over a column he says defamed him and had anti-Semitic references. Snyder filed the lawsuit against the weekly paper and its parent company, Atalaya Capital management ... Source: CNN Sports Illustrated

Irish lawmaker loses defamation case against journalist who exposed his tax-evading gifts

DUBLIN (AP) — A lawmaker at the heart of Ireland's first major corruption scandal lost a defamation claim Monday against the journalist who broke the story of his illicit gifts, a revelation that has inspired mammoth state probes into the scale of under ... Source: Chicago Tribune

Redskins owner Snyder sues paper for defamation

NEW YORK -- Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has sued Washington City Paper over a column he says defamed him and had anti-Semitic references. Snyder filed the lawsuit against the weekly paper and its parent company, Atalaya Capital management LP ... Source: CBS Sports

Judge OKs defamation suit vs. Clemens

Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr. in Brooklyn federal court made the ruling on a civil suit filed by former New York Yankees ' trainer Brian McNamee, charging Clemens with allegedly waging a defamatory campaign "intended to deceive the public and Congress into ... Source: FOXSports.com

Stars for a Cause Sues HFPA for Defamation

The organization behind the Golden Globe Awards is being sued again; this time by the charity Stars for a Cause. Stars is seeking $1 million in damages, alleging that HFPA President Phil Berk muddied the waters while the group was trying to negotiate a ... Source: MSN

Ex-political aide whose drug conviction was used in N.J. campaign attack ads cannot sue for defamation

TRENTON — A former political aide whose drug conviction was used as fodder in campaign attack ads cannot sue for defamation even though his record had been expunged a year before the ads were made, the state Supreme Court said Monday. The former aide ... Source: NJ.com

Court right to toss defamation suit

One could argue whether it was fair for the Hudson County Democratic Organization to drag the history of one of state Sen. Brian Stack’s former staffers into a political campaign four years ago. It’s the kind of guilt-by-association charge all too ... Source: The Star-Ledger - NJ.com (blog)

Judge rejects Greene's defamation claim

A federal judge in Philadelphia has dismissed a claim by Carl R. Greene, the ousted executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, that he had been defamed by the PHA chairman, former Mayor John F. Street. Street had described Greene to the ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News