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She's Somebody's Hero Jamie O'Neal
Jai Rodriguez&Thom Filicia:One Friend
Falling Over You A Jonas Love Story Chapter 38
The Cookie's Fortune
TANGO - El día que me quieras (Gardel 1935)
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - Clawhammer Banjo
Sashimi to Wasabi (Sex Machineguns)
Zachary and Erin
As Honest as Abe
The Wedding Present live-My Favorite Dress
still already double
Lucinda Williams - Those Three Days
Ivan & Cameron - Part 1
Peaches Mommy Complex Official Music Video
Jai Rodriguez&Thom Filicia:What if
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - Daniel/Vala
Mr. Capone-e - I Got U
fallen: a semi/demena story_ep11
Uber Cougar Defeated! - Alternative Big Brother Show
Dress My Nest promo
I Long For My Mother's Bread - English Subtitles
Thom Filicia:What makes you different
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Thom Filicia on stage
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Why I Ignored My Own Advice

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ." Edmund Burke's words sprang into my consciousness as I got ready for the day. All week I had planned to ignore their hatred and idiotic antics when I learned they would be at ... Source: Salon

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

TheBillHorn Someone is thisclose to saying her first word. @MarioLopezExtra Already broke my New Year resolution about being a better Tweeter. I apologize. However, I had a good alibi...got crazy sick for 2 weeks! @alydenisof I'm very excited to meet Katy ... Source: celebritybabyscoop

My husband has a secret life and I no longer trust him. What do I do?

My husband and I get on well, but over the past year it has become clear he has another life. He keeps his mobile phone to hand and deletes all text messages, including those he sends. Even so, I have seen a couple of affectionate messages from women not ... Source: The Guardian

BofA's Moynihan ends tough year, more work ahead

The issues facing Bank of America are so varied and deep that some frustrated investors are already giving up. "It's a hornet's nest of issues that they are dealing with that will be very hard for the bank to overcome in the near term," said Walter Todd ... Source: comcast.net

Paris Men’s: Fashion Hams and the Home Front

The layered clothes, straight in their lines and clear in design, suggested vulnerability and a desire to nest. I thought maybe Mr. Owens was also pleading for things to slow down a bit, for although the collection didn’t offer new shapes, it made an ... Source: New York Times Blogs

A jazzy all-American state dinner for Chinese prez

WASHINGTON – Michelle and Barack Obama welcomed a mix of Hollywood A-listers, big business types and prominent Chinese-Americans to the White House as they threw a "quintessentially American" state dinner Wednesday for the president of China, complete ... Source: YAHOO!

No. 24 Buckeyes trip No. 9 Spartans, 67-53

Oh, I knew we were walking into a hornets’ nest,” said Michigan State coach Suzy Merchant, who was unhappy with about everything about her own team. “They were in a position where, by far, no question, it was a must win. They did what they had to do.” Source: Collegebaseball.rivals.com

Wes Welker's Press Conference All About Rex Ryan 'Footage'

Not-so-subtle opponent ripping can't get much better than this: Wes Welker, the New England Patriots' all-star wide receiver, seems to have finally had enough of everybody playing nicey-nice in Foxboro while the Getting in some extra smackdown footage ... Source: Associated Content

Red Carpet Quotes: Spanx, Loincloths and Baby Names!

My dad lives in Canada, and he doesn't get to come see me often ... and he was the one who kind of gently nudged me out of the nest." "I think people wonder what we wore to protect ourselves…Sure, it's like a little loin cloth." Source: Entertainment Online

Nicole Kidman: Golden Globes 2011 with Keith Urban!

Matt Damon poses with Robert De Niro in the press room at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 40-year-old actor presented the Cecil B. DeMille award to Robert for lifetime ... Source: Just Jared