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Dumb and Dumber VHS Trailer Reel
New & Improved Toilet Scene from Dumb & Dumber
mailing a fish
Dumb and Drumer 2
Pat & Mat - Fender
Dumb and Dumber highlights.
Drifting With Stolen Police Car!
naruto mocking bird
New & Improved Toilet Scene from Dumb & Dumber
Where the Beer Flows Like Wine - A Dumb & Dumber Remix
Red Ice Live - Jake Kotze - JC Movie Synchromysticism Pt2
Dumb and Dumber 2
Most Awesome Dumber Europeans
Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series - Opening Titles
Dumb goalkeepers
Dumb and Dumber Recut Thriller
Dumb & Dumber
Mom and Dumber Show- part 2 of part 2
Australian Story:Dumb & Dumber bank robbery duo screens 8pm, Monday April 12, ABC1
Dumb And Dumber Fight Spoof
Why are we so dumb and getting dumber? (2-2)
Dumb and Dumber trailer
Dumb and Dumber toilet scene (Slow motion)
Gaz & Dice (Dumb & Dumber) Hill of Tara Dec 2010
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Dumb and Dumber
Dumb dumber and dumbest
Dumb and Dumber
dumb and dumber
dumb and dumber
dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber
dumb dumber
Dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber
Dumb And Dumber
dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber
Dumb and Dumber
dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber
dumb and dumber
dumb and dumber
Dumb and Dumber
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Dumb phones can be attacked too

Much of the discussion of security threats to mobile phones revolves around smartphones, but researchers have found that less advanced "feature phones," still used by the majority of people around the world, also are vulnerable to attack. Feature phones ... Source: CNET News

Dumb, dumber and dumbest: Burglars snort ashes of a man and two dogs after they mistook them for cocaine

It sounds like a scene from an inane comedy movie - three gormless burglars break into a house and snort what they believe to be drugs that turn out to be a dead man's ashes. However, it actually happened in the Florida town of Silver Springs Shores on ... Source: Daily Mail

Jeff Daniels, art to art@

SAFETY HARBOR - It's Saturday night, and actor Jeff Daniels ( Dumb and Dumber , Gettysburg ) is a long way from home. Not Hollywood, mind you, but Chelsea, Mich. , population 5,000. It's where he grew up, raised three children and stayed married to the ... Source: Daily Oklahoman

Vickers back on track after health scare

Kind of like, so you’re telling me there’s a chance,” he said. “Like in the movie ‘Dumb & Dumber.’ One in a million, right? That was kind of my attitude to begin with and my emotional state, I guess you could say. And just focused on how can I ... Source: FOXSports.com

Miami Dolphins QB series: Free Agent Options

Here’s the real story about free agency in the NFL. The players who usually hit the open market as unrestricted free agents are either aged past their prime, damaged goods due to injuries, expendable talents as a result of an up and comer ready to shine ... Source: Sun-Sentinel (blog)

Source: Jesse James, Kat Von D to Marry Next Month

Just one day after news of their engagement broke, sources are saying Jesse James and Kat Von D plan to marry as soon as next month, according to RadarOnline . "Jesse and Kat don't see any reason why they should wait to trade vows," a source close to the ... Source: Pop Eater

House Budget Committee head Ryan to speak for GOP

WASHINGTON – Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee and a leading advocate of cuts in federal spending, will deliver the Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech next week, party leaders ... Source: YAHOO!

The Giffords seat - Ben Smith: The Giffords seat

Gabrielle Giffords' 2010 challenger finds himself in an extremely delicate position, as a forwarded report from Arizona Capitol Reports indicates. He just canceled his expected announcement of another campaign: “Everything’s been cancelled. Everything ... Source: Politico.com

Harry Reid and the ObamaCare squeeze

Harry Reid is in a bit of a pickle.  In the 111th Congress, with the aid of turncoat party switcher “Benedict” Arlen Specter, he had a supermajority and could ram through whatever he pleased.  In the 112th Congress, he no longer has “Benedict ... Source: Albany Times Union (blog)

Sarah Palin’s husband in middle of sex scandal

Sarah Palin ’s husband, Todd , is caught up in a sex scandal. The “First Dude” allegedly cheated on his rifle-owning wife with a female massage therapist who got snagged for prostitution, the National Enquirer reports. The supermarket tabloid claims ... Source: Boston Herald