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Part 18 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up
Crop Circles 2009 - 2010
Gorillaz - Demon Days Live At The Manchester Opera House 02
Message from Mother Earth (III) 2012
Last Days On Earth 2/12 History Channel
July4patriot @ the Broken Arrow Oklahoma tea party Part 1/2
Part 5 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up
Metallica - Broken Beat Scarred Music Video HQ (With Lyrics)
Voyager 1 Jupiter cloud timelapse animation
Message from Mother Earth (IV) 2012
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989
Asteroid Discovery From 1980 - 2010
Let's Play Civilization Revolution - 12 - The Final Days
Nostradamus 2012 1-11. History Channel. HQ.
The 12 Months of Dating
Part 21 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up
Last Days on Earth Part 2: Gamma Ray Bursts
2012 Judgment Day and the Mars/Earth Connection 6 of 8
[M] Journey to the Center of the Earth (P: 1-10)
Part 11 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It´s Time to Wake Up
When Will Time End?
Scar Symmetry - Artificial Sun Projection
Behind the Scenes: When Galaxies Collide (Felicia Day, Sean Astin)
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Iced Earth - Days of Purgatory (1997)
Earth Days Poster
iced earth-days of purgatory
Earth Days
Piece of Heaven on Earth
Earth Days are Forever
Stewart Udall in Earth Days
Stewart Udall in Earth Days
Earth Days
Iced Earth - Days of Purgatory
Down the Country Roadto a little piece of Heaven on Earth
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Rare Earth Element Myths Debunked

The greatest lies have a kernel of truth to them, and sadly that is what is going on in the rare earth elements sector these days. MYTH: These companies are scams because they share offices and management. First, one has to understand the industry, which ... Source: Seekingalpha.com

First Earth-Orbiting Solar Sail Unexpectedly Unfurls

As the sail orbits, it skims the top of the atmosphere, experiencing enough drag to pull the sail back to Earth in 70 to 120 days. If it works to clean up the clutter in low-Earth orbit, drag sails might become a standard issue on future satellites ... Source: Wired News

Polar bear swims for 9 days, 426 miles to find ice for refuge

Regardless of the debate over the origins of climate change, there's no disputing that the Earth has warmed considerably in recent ... collar equipped with a GPS tracking device -- spent nine days swimming across the Beaufort Sea in the Alaska region in a ... Source: YAHOO!

Betelgeuse Earth's Second Sun?

It would likely cause daylight for 24 hours or more followed by extremely bright days and nights gradually diminishing over time. Most sources around the internet agree that any explosion would cause little or no damage or ill effects to the Earth or its ... Source: Associated Content

Audio Book Review: “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne

I like to snuggle up in a corner with a good book and read for myself! However, being old-fashioned I also enjoy the type of radio theater you rarely find these days, and having listened to this, I can see how a well done audio book can provide that same ... Source: Gather.com

Earth Enters Solar Conjunction with Mars

While this type of alignment has no ill effects on Earth or Mars, it does carry some consequences ... that they will be able to reestablish contact with Opportunity in about 16 days or so. They are not worried about the rover, because it already got an ... Source: Softpedia

NASA solar sail is finally flying free above Earth

Within 5 seconds, it should unfurl into a 100-square-foot polymer sail. If deployment is successful, NanoSail-D will stay in low-Earth orbit between 70 and 120 days, depending on atmospheric conditions, officials said. On Dec. 6, 2010, NASA triggered the ... Source: msnbc.com

Don't Buy Rare Earth Stocks Until You Read This

The investment thesis for rare earth elements has hinged on headlines of China cutting ... so be aware of this if you're looking to buy or sell Molycorp in the next few days. Interested in reading more about Molycorp? Click here to add it to My Watchlist ... Source: Motley Fool

NASA in Huntsville confirms first solar sail is now circling Earth

The 100-square-foot polymer sail should be visible from Earth during passes over the planet before it re-enters the atmosphere, principal investigator Dean Alhorn said Friday. Re-entry should happen sometime between 70 and 120 days. NASA is working on easy ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

Study Finds No Sign that 'Second Earth' Exists

They announced in the September 29 study that this first habitable exoplanet was located around the red dwarf star Gliese 581, some 20 light-years away from Earth. The team also said the planet orbited its star once every 36.6 days. In October 2010, the ... Source: Softpedia