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This is MY HOME .. This is EGYPT !!
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crazy traffic in Egypt (4)
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Luxor the Souk (market)
wreck dive sharm el sheikh
Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple
Aswan feluccas on the Nile
Little Red Riding Egypt
Fishing boat on the Nile
Aswan feluccas on the Nile
Edfu Temple
Edfu Temple
The sea
Luxor the Souk (market)
Abu Simbel
Luxor the Souk (market)
Giza tourist transport
Abu Simbel
Luxor the Nile Corniche and Luxor Temple
Sunset on the Nile
Luxor at night the Nile Corniche
Luxor Temple at night
wreck dive sharm el sheikh
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Egypt blames Gaza militants in church attack

CAIRO — Egypt’s top security official yesterday accused an Al Qaeda-inspired group in the Gaza Strip of being behind the New Year’s Day suicide bombing that killed 21 people outside a Coptic Christian church in the Mediterranean port city of ... Source: Boston Globe

Mideast Egypt Nefertiti

FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2009 file photo, the 3,300-year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti is seen at the "Neues Museum", New Museum, on the so-called Museum Island during a media preview in Berlin, Germany. Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities on Monday Jan ... Source: Big Hollywood

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Dissolve parliament

CAIRO — Egypt's largest opposition movement demanded Wednesday that President Hosni Mubark dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections, in a move that appeared to be an attempt to capitalize on the hopes for change sparked by Tunisia's ... Source: msnbc.com

Egypt says Tunisia turmoil worrying investors

CAIRO — An Egyptian government minister warned on Sunday that investors are growing concerned about Egypt's stability over fears the revolt in Tunisia could spur unrest elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East. The stunning protests in Tunisia ... Source: msnbc.com

Egypt to face its first Tunisian-inspired protests

Egyptians plan to mark Tuesday's holiday honoring the much-feared police force with protests being organized through Twitter and Facebook, where 80,000 Egyptians have logged their support. Drawing inspiration from the popular revolt in Tunisia, organizers ... Source: AP - msnbc.com

Spring Lake District Library hosts 'virtual tour' of Egypt

SPRING LAKE - No passport is required for the virtual tour of Egypt hosted by Spring Lake District Library on Wed., Feb. 2 at 7:00 p.m. Dr. James Goode will be the tour guide for an insider’s look at this popular tourist destination. From the pyramids to ... Source: MLive.com

Egypt points to al-Qaeda link in bombing

CAIRO — The Egyptian government announced Sunday that it had "conclusive proof" that an al-Qaeda-linked Palestinian militant group orchestrated the New Year's Day bombing outside a Coptic Christian church that killed 25 worshipers and agitated sectarian ... Source: Denver Post

Egypt's Amer Group to begin selling Syrian units

CAIRO Jan 24 (Reuters) - Egyptian property developer Amer Group AMER.CA will begin selling units at its Porto Tartous tourist project in Syria this week, it said on Monday. Amer Group, which sells property on Egypt's coasts, has been expanding outside the ... Source: Reuters

Egypt has 'conclusive' evidence that Al Qaeda group was behind church bombing

The Egyptian government announced Sunday that it had "conclusive proof" that an Al Qaeda -linked Palestinian militant group orchestrated the New Year's Day bombing outside a Coptic Christian church that killed 25 worshipers and exacerbated sectarian ... Source: Chicago Tribune