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Soldier.. defend Your Constitution peacefully right now... never obey an unlawful order
New World Order Endgame (9/11 Truth, David Icke, Alex Jones)
Anti Flag Anatomy of your Enemy
Know Your Enemy: The Bilderberg Group (1 of 2) [HD]
REALITY REPORT #52 - Supreme Federal Tyranny For Arizona
Logos Branding Brain Washing Babies & Mind Control of The Followers
Unseen Black Ops Zombie Shizzle!
Mafia 2 PC Gameplay Part 4 Maxed Out Settings 720p HD
Rapping Movie Titles! (On iTunes)
Battlefields: Fall of France 2 of 12
Dinner for Five hosted by Kevin Smith (Part 3)
Lupe Fiasco: All The Way Turnt Up (Freestyle) + Lyrics [Enemy of the State: A Love Story 03.]
New World Order, Illuminati, Politics & Entertainment-Know Your Enemy Pt. 3: Dumbing Us Down
C-BO - No Surrender No Retreat
KRS-One at Sonoma State University
Curry Blake on Fighting the Right Enemy
Nucci Reyo - Your Enemy - In Due Season Interlude‏ (Gospel Rap)
Lupe Fiasco - Fireman (enemy of the state)
Heroes' Day 2008: India is our friend, we are not against any country - Prabhakaran
President Obama: Arizona State Commencement
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - 20 - The Chunin Exam Sleeper Pick
How to Brainwash a Nation
First State - Cross The Line (George Acosta Remix) - A State Of Trance 476
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Public Enemy State
Rhino and the Arachnids share an enemy
katie and her sworn enemy
The Enemy State
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State Lines Are The Enemy Of Educational Reform

The Obama administration and other leading supporters of educational reform have made increased college completion a national priority. Policymakers, private-sector leaders and nonprofit and philanthropic organizations are seeking to help the nation attain ... Source: Forbes

Six years after Rafik Hariri's death, Lebanon on verge of crisis

The party will stand firm in support of Syria and the resistance," said the man who had once been a sworn enemy of the Syrian regime and was ... is on its way to establishing a one-party state in Lebanon. Hezbollah insists it wants to see a government with ... Source: CNN

Immigration laws: Facing deportation, man becomes face of protest against proposed legislation

He spoke out against state Rep. William Snyder’s proposed immigration bill ... He calls Snyder a friend, but his bill the enemy. “My 7-year-old cousin is an American citizen and has already achieved so much. She speaks three languages,” Gaspar said ... Source: Naples Daily News

The Chris Lee scandal and the anonymity of the average congressman

In an obscure Istanbul restaurant, Welch was recognized by a college group from his home state. "So he goes around and starts ... Members who relocate here are often accused of fraternizing with the enemy: professional politicians, lobbyists and other ... Source: Washington Post

I am not the enemy: A Wisconsin teacher considers Walker's budget

But they can't afford the cost of educating their children. My school district has relied extensively on state aid to fund the schools. Unfortunately, the state has dramatically reduced the amount of funding it gives to schools like mine. As a result, our ... Source: Isthmus Daily Page

How Long Did the Limits Last?

This third act allowed the arrest, imprisonment, and deportation of aliens who were from to an enemy country. Finally ... seen a succession of undeclared wars for peace, the welfare state, the Patriot Act, and preemptive war become emblems of a system that ... Source: Patriot Post

Assange Attack on Sweden May Give Appearance of ‘Mud Slinging’

We’re not dealing with some dictatorship in an African state; we’re talking about Sweden ... saying he had used a speech to turn Assange into “public enemy number one.” Brita Sundberg-Weitman, a Swedish lawyer and former judge, testified that Ny ... Source: BusinessWeek

Public employees are not the enemy

But it is not just federal employees being attacked; it’s state employees and even police and firefighters ... How does that work — public servants (Congress) calling other public servants the enemy? Maybe someone should publish the lucrative ... Source: Dayton Daily News

OUT OF OUR PAST: Area's men show bravery in Civil War

The Civil War saw the first aerial psychological warfare when copies of Lincoln's Amnesty Proclamation was dropped behind enemy lines by use of kites to ... Dudley's memoirs state that Blanchard, "having seen that [the flag's] capture was imminent, had ... Source: Palladium-Item

Grapes of Wrath – 2011

Cal­i­for­ni­ans tried to stop migrants from mov­ing into their state by cre­at­ing check­points on main ... By doing so he became an enemy of the polit­i­cal sta­tus quo. Are you pre­pared to incur the wrath of the vested inter­ests and meet ... Source: HoweStreet.com