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ET The Extra Terrestrial Elecrtonic Planet Game
ET the Extra-Terrestrial
ET The Extra Terrestrial
ET The Extra Terrestrial Having a Coors Light Beer
ET The extra terrestrial
et the extra-terrestrial 4
et the extra-terrestrial 1
ET: The Extra Terrestrial
The Predator Again
ET: The Extra Terrestrial
Cassette ET The Extra-Terrestrial - UK 1982
ET The Extraterrestrial
ET The Extra Terrestrial
Drew Barrymore American actress
ET the Extra-Terrestrial - Ultimate Gift Set (1982)
LP ET The Extra-Terrestrial - UK 1982
Cassette Album - ET The Extra Terrestrial 'Soundtrack' - UK 1982
A Botanicus
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UFO Disclosure - ET Disclosure - Why it Will Never Happen from the President

I have been following the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena since the 1970's, I have read numerous books by many of the top authors in the field including those by: Vallee, Strieber, Hopkins, Imbrogno, and literally tons of other authors. The phenomena ... Source: Associated Content

Scientists Plan New Protocol to Contact ET

Atri and his colleagues Jacob Haqq-Misra of Pennsylvania State University and Julia DeMarines from the International Space University in France, urge new protocols for future attempts to contact extraterrestrial intelligence. "When you send radio signals ... Source: AOL News

Thursday's Edge: Dead birds, shuttlecocks and the Mark of the Alien: Armageddon worried!

John Malley, SETI's lead extraterrestrial expert, explained the connection between the dead birds and the giant Zeeban spaceships: "It's all part of the alien invasion," WWN quoted the ET expert as saying. "We have long known that when aliens attack on ... Source: Oregonian

Astronomer to discuss hunt for ET at lecture tonight

ROCHESTER — Is anyone out there? When will we discover ET? Sth Shostak, a senior astronomer at SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, may have some answers. Shostak will discuss new technology and strategies being used today in the ... Source: The Daily News Online

ET rocks: Loving the geological alien

Luckily he was unharmed. Nield reckons the "global risk of death by extraterrestrial impact to be a negligible 1 in 720,000". Meteorites pose little threat, but says Nield, "we humans have transplanted into meteorites the geological aliens, the heart of ... Source: New Scientist

How to talk to ET: new protocol proposed

They are concerned that, since the first such attempt to communicate - the Arecibo message of 1974 - messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence, or METI, has been a disorganized affair. "The handful of METI broadcasts have increased in content and ... Source: TG Daily

Stars from the Sunflower State

Dee Wallace Stone (Kansas City, Kan., born in 1948) Veteran of more than 85 films, she is best remembered for two very different roles: Elliot's mom in Steven Spielberg's "ET: The Extraterrestrial" (1982) and a TV news anchor who turns into a werewolf on ... Source: Wichita Eagle

Filmmaker Psychs Out Psychics and ET Believers

They even spoke to a guy, Freeman said, who claimed to be an "alien-human hybrid," who believed he had been conceived after his mother was artificially inseminated by an extraterrestrial. "I asked another 'expert' about anal probing, and he stuttered for ... Source: AOL News

The Office Recap: Wheelin' and Dealin'

A very excited Daryl tells the camera, “2011 is coming up all Daryl.” Michael goes back to Holly with his crazy ET ( E.T. The Extraterrestrial ) voice that Holly also does. The voices annoy Kelly, and she tells them to shut up. But, that’s when Holly ... Source: Cornell Daily Sun

Another year of trying to understand the system

We also took more than a casual look at the attitude of heads of state when responding to inquiries about our – we assume – extraterrestrial visitors. I believe the consensus was that until we approach the White House walking hand in hand with ET, we ... Source: Jamestown Press