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Are Vegetable Oils Good for Us?
Fat Laces Festival
Christmas wormy dog Falls city
Stop That Dreaded Double Chin Doing Facial Exercises
Let's Play Doom 3 47: Big Fat Blubberbogs
FAT City LD Processing
Less Than Jake - Does the Lion City Still Roar?
Jak II: Part 1: The Beginning, The Escape, and The Old Man
Der Fuehrer's Face
Winter Park Florida Sinkhole (1981 / 2008)
The Servant - Cells ( sin city theme ) instrumental
Charleston jazz performance 1 by Hanna, Mattias and Sakarias
Canon EOS 7D Unboxing
Hiroshima & Nagasaki-Original 1945 Documentary 1/5
Obesity Doesn't Only Effect the Obese
New York City
Black Pyramid - And The Gods Made War/Visions of Gehenna
Fat Tone - We G's {Feat.Messy Marv,Yukmouth & Rich The Factor} .wmv
A-Trak on the 1's and 2's (Part 1 of 2) @ Fat Beats, NYC (The Final Day)
Top Food to Gain Weight Fast And Build Muscle
Danny Drive Thru - Ante Up
Short Dawg - 4 My city - (Southern Flame Spitta 4)
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another home Philly show before they go back to Cali
Small Change Romeos Fat City
invain fat city
Fat City Cafe
Fat City Reprise At the Spectrum 2207
Fat City The Bitter End Nyc 2007
fat city
I see you
The Blues Band 1991 Fat City
Fat City
Fat City 2007 Feb4
Side view
Close up of Naughty boys
Fat City 2007 Feb4
Fat City 2007 Feb4
Fat City
Lisa and me at Fat City
Fat City
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How to Survive Fat Tuesday in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile was the first city in the U.S. to celebrate Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival season. The day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Fat Tuesday is always a huge party in downtown Mobile, with 6 parades. The parades start ... Source: Associated Content

City Unions fight attacks on benefits

They say the Bloomberg administration, business groups and even editorial boards are "piling on" city workers with tales of fat pensions, Christmas bonuses and other benefits. District Council 37 is fighting back by highlighting some of its own retired ... Source: New York Daily News

Cities try to cut the fat with weight-loss programs

In Oklahoma City, Cornett agreed to endorse Taco Bell's Fresco Menu, which offers items with reduced fat and calories. Brownell considers such endorsements risky. "Just putting a few healthy items on a menu doesn't excuse other things on the menu." Source: Los Angeles Times

New York City Council votes to ban smoking in parks

amid grumbling that the city government may have gone too far in its war on salt, fat and smoke. The city council voted 36 to 12 in favor of the smoking restrictions, extending an existing ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ... Source: YAHOO!

My 11 Best Tips to Reduce Snoring Naturally by Dr Farhad Hakimi, Sleep Expert in New York City

Losing weight will help to reduce snoring as there it literally reduces the amount of fat in the throat area which opens the airways. In 1998, New York City dentist Dr. Hakimi patented his own anti snoring VIAdmd oral device . It is used to treat snoring ... Source: PRWeb

Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh calls city budgets survey 'disingenuous'

We are very much aware that people feel like we're spending too much money, but the reality is, we are working hard to trim any fat that exists. We accept the reality that we have to do more with less." When it comes to salaries for council members, the ... Source: Detroit Free Press

The Music Beat: Magaldi's fat jazz résumé

If they call upon you to run the band, then you run the band." Magaldi, 74, was born in New York City and raised in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood and in Connecticut. He started taking clarinet lessons in school, switched to saxophone, then ... Source: MySanAntonio

Taste test: fat-free liquid coffee creamers

and Jeff Jensen, public information officer for the city of Treasure Island. All foods were tasted blind. Source: St. Petersburg Times

The Big Easy to the Queen City: Magic Hat Mardi Gras 2011 in Burlington, VT

will be be playing at Higher Ground. Tickets are $16 in advance, $18 at the door. Starting at noon on Saturday, other events will be happening all around the city. Sambatucada will be playing on Church St. from 12-1. At Frog Hollow, you can buy Jim Pollock ... Source: Associated Content

Three REITs Offer Fat Dividends, Likely Gains: John Dorfman

In addition, the real estate market is much more local than the stock or bond markets. It isn’t unusual for prices to be rising in one city while falling in another. In Atlanta, for example, commercial rents per square foot are down about 50 percent ... Source: BusinessWeek