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Ferrari F50 Sound Accellerate-At monaco
Drag Races & Car Sounds Compilation II
Ferrari F-50
Ferrari F50ベストモータリング(音速の野獣/スーパーカードリームバトル)
GTA San Andreas car sounds (ferrari f50, bmw m3 sounds) and some mods.
GTA iv real car mod pack part 2 100 vehicles with link
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2009 - Supercars On Road
Ferrari F50 in Anholt
NFS Hot Pursuit 2 Soundtrack Humble Brothers - Brakestand
Ferrari F50 @ Düsseldorf
GTASA My Super Handling for Ferrari F50 (2/2)
Ferrari racing at Moroso park during Cavallino - Garage419
Ferrari F50 at GT Auto Show
DREAM GARAGE !!! Lamborghini, ferrari's etc.
KB ROSSO CORSA DAY 3 Chassing Ferrari F50
TT Torrez Interviews 50 Cent Part 1/6
ferrari F -50
GREATEST MOMENT! Ferrari Enzo Vs. Lamborghini Reventon The Official Movie MUST WATCH
GTASA Ferrari F50 Rojo
Ferrari F50
Ferrari f50 gt1 dyno
The Wood Man
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Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50 GT
ROMU Ferrari F50 White
Ferrari F50
FERRARI F50 Targa Burago
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
f50 1
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50(1995)and Repair men
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
ferrari f50
Ferrari F50 Avatar 2
Ferrari F50 Custom
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Ferrari 612 successor will be privately shown on January 21, teased on invitation

Before Ferrari officially debuts its 612 Scaglietti replacement to the public, the automaker is holding a private event where a select few people will get to see the new car in its final, production-spec glory. An anonymous Autoblog reader sent us the ... Source: Autoblog

Gooding & Co. to auction Ferrari supercars from Benny Caiola estate

Simply viewing the automobiles in person can take one’s breath away. Designed especially for a select few of Ferrari-Maserati’s best clients, three highlights include a 2006 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione, one of 30 FXX examples of Ferrari’s most advanced ... Source: LIVE AUCTIONEERS

Ferrari Muletto M3: Enzo Prototype for Sale

It is rare for one of Ferrari’s ‘Muletto’ (or mule) test cars to leave the hallowed workshops of Maranello, and be made available for sale on the open market. But Classic Driver dealer Modena Motorsport is currently offering the Muletto M3 car used ... Source: Classic Driver

CONTENT from adidas Available on thenewsmarket.com: adidas Speed Week Barcelona with Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi just won his second FIFA Ballon d'Or, scored a hat trick to take Barcelona to the semi-finals of the Kings Cup and today the Argentine international was handed back his missing adizero F50 Prime football boots. Five fast fans of the 23-year ... Source: Daily Finance

Mach7 Motorsports Falcon Wears Its Inspirations in Carbon Fiber

Hood scoops plumb depths not seen since the Ferrari F50 hypercar. Maranello’s influence extends to the 288 GTO-like flying buttresses connecting roof and rear deck. There is also something of an F-18 Hornet fighter jet in the Falcon’s overall quick ... Source: New York Times Blogs

'The British are Back' for RM’s Jan. 20-21 collector car auction

$400,000 - $600,000); and a well-known 1995 Ferrari F50 Show Car ($600,000 - $800,000), the very first F50 built and the last Ferrari to have a five-digit chassis number, s/n 99999. Continuing the company’s reputation as the specialists for the auction ... Source: LIVE AUCTIONEERS

Now Meet The Richest Person From Every Major Country

The ultra-conservative Catholic is known to be an avid car collector, who owns a Bugatti and a Ferrari F50. Background: Andrew Forrest is an entrepreneur at heart. Before he finally hit it big with his iron ore company, Fortescue Metals Group, dabbled in ... Source: The Business Insider

Detroit 2011: Mach 7's Falcon is Michigan's Newest Supercar!

The front of the Falcon also reminds car buffs of Gumpert’s Apollo while the rear kind of evoques the Ferrari F50. Mach 7’s sport coupe with targa roof has a carbon fiber body to maintain the car weight under 1300 kilos. The body rides on a hydro ... Source: Auto123

Bentley Continental Flying Star by Touring: Update

Just 19 cars were planned for production and we’ve now heard that the third of these is already nearing completion. With no shortage of customers, Touring has now invested in tooling, technology and an additional workforce, with the aim of having five ... Source: Classic Driver

Lamborghini LP 700-4 Details Confirmed Ahead Of Geneva Debut

The new Lambo will feature a carbon fibre tub and body developed in partnership with Boeing, its stiffness calculated at 35,000Nm per degree of deflection - besting the Koenigsegg CCR (28,100Nm), the Ferrari F50 (34,600Nm) and the Murcielago (20,000Nm ... Source: The Motor Report