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Give You Always (A Jemi Love Story) Ep.4
Aiden's hand gets stuck in his pocket
We'll See (a justin bieber love story) pt. 28
Confused: Episode 2
Be My Baby - A JB Love Story Ep. 20 ♥
The Benefit of Being Preisdent A Nemi Story Chapter 13
Jonas Wars chapter 20
No Cash-Wilkes-Booth Style
Taken; 15
Reserved ; One Shot
Broken Melody // {Chapter 10}
To Lay With Lions - 1988
Dynamic - The Format
Watch Me Burn || A Nick Jonas Teen Drama Chapter.13
Tim McGraw - Between the River and Me
The Real Life of Kailey Ep.3
GODDESS, Rewrite
Walk the Line - Episode 3
UCLA College Roommates Nelena Story EP30.wmv
A Nelena and Jemi story: Save Me Episode 2 Rated R
Here We Go Again (A Nick Jonas Love Story) Chapter 16
`Dreamer 2
You Found Me (a Justin Bieber Love Story episode 14)
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Still illegal in New York, MMA fighting continues to benefit New Jersey hosts

Shamrock told the story of his youth, how a troubled child in a home ransacked by ... the ace in the collective back pocket of every MMA organization interested in breaking into this market. While the wall remains closed across the Hudson, the Garden State ... Source: NJ.com

Wife says Obama has kicked smoking habit for a year, increasing his chances he's quit for good

The first lady said she was proud of her husband but ... During the presidential campaign, aides filled their pockets with the gum to help Obama control his urges. He occasionally bummed cigarettes from staff, while making sure to emphasize that he was ... Source: Los Angeles Times

Pearl Jam's First Kiss: My Valentine's Day Love Story

He approached me first. I admit that I actually swooned a little bit when he mentioned that he has every Bob Dylan album ever, and was currently carrying Vonnegut around in his pocket to read at work. When I showed him my cell phone wallpaper from when I ... Source: Associated Content

Weapons in the battle

We’re constantly looking for new ways to make sure that roads are as smooth as they possibly can be, and we believe that Street Bump is a first-in-the nation app ... Osgood and Nigel Jacob, his New Urban Mechanics cochairman, have developed the prototype Source: Boston Globe

NBA phenom dunks his critics, reveals what makes him tick

The first thing I did upon meeting Blake Griffin for lunch Monday was to offer the Paper Weight a maximum extension on behalf of my Paper Clips. Yes, I’m aware the NBA’s most identifiable flying object isn’t eligible to sign such a deal until after ... Source: New York Post

Trial begins in shooting that started as trash-talking

I remember the first two shots and then I fell forward," DiDonato said. Police Officer Mario DeLuca, who also testified Tuesday, said he and his partner were on "nightclub ... 38-caliber pistol from Ung's pocket. "He was struggling," DeLuca testified. Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Mark Sanchez Needs to Improve His Game to Bring The New York Jets a Championship

At this point, I see the first scenario when it comes to Sanchez ... Too many times teams blitz Sanchez though, and he becomes uncomfortable in the pocket and forces throws or just makes bad reads. His accuracy is also something that he struggles with and ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Silent films recovered: These new releases are oldest in a long time

In a large mahogany box embellished with silk pockets and Cyrillic lettering ... American working group on library cooperation, and they represent the first installment in a cache of up to 194 early American films that will eventually be repatriated. Source: Washington Post

First lady: President has quit smoking

First Read: Kicking the habit One in five adults ... During the presidential campaign, aides filled their pockets with the gum to help Obama control his urges. He occasionally bummed cigarettes from staff, while making sure to emphasize that he was trying ... Source: AP - msnbc.com

Mystery adds to rage in Pakistan

He shot and killed both and was arrested immediately afterward by police officers, who say he was carrying a Glock handgun, a flashlight that attached to a headband and a pocket ... his rank as "administrative and technical staff." His first assignment was ... Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette