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DandiBisceglie 2004 derby Milan-Inter 3-2
Wild fossa
Gruppo Comunale Protezione Civile di Ciampino in visita a Fossa.mpg
Spontaneous posterior fossa cerebrospinal fluid leakage repair.flv
GFB - Europe
Fossa at the Bronx Zoo
2006 Fosa dans la forêt de Kirindy (Madagascar)
La Fossa
Ferencváros - ZTE 4-1 2009/10 I. ( HELL )
vacca feat. la fossa nella mia fossa
Tanganyika- Fossa
An Incidence of AICA/PICA Anatomical Variants Penetrating the Subarcuate Fossa Dura
La Fossa + Flaminio Maphia - A Puttane
Madagascar's Strange Predator -- the Fossa
Speciale 40 anni della Fossa dei Leoni [parte 2/3]
AC Milan ~ Curva Milan ~ Fossa dei Leoni
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Kisame Hoshigaki [Arte Ac.: Grande Fossa Acquatica] HD
42 - La profonda fossa marina (1di2)
Fossa (Mirandola MO) 26-08-2009
The plastic monster: ependymoma: how do you deal with this brain tumor in a six year old child.
La FoSsA No Comment
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es va entossudir a fer una foto de grup pero desde mes de 20 metres i amb una fossa pel mig
Olecranon Fossa
supraspinous fossa
Fossa in a large hamster wheel
Fossa for Cerebellum of Occipital Bone
Glenoid Fossa (Cavity)
Fossa 2
Fossa quotWilmaquot 001
restes via 2 fossa segraveptica 2
Ras della Fossa
funicolare F3 Piazza Fuga Napoli
Fossa genitals
Skull - labeled orbit - lacrimal fossa
Fossa for Cerebrum of Occipital Bone
Radial Fossa
radial fossa
fossa ovalis
Fossa Frolic whole exhibit
inside Via fossa today
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Cotogna dining review: A great addition to S.F.

My favorite, however, is the rigatoni with suckling pig ragout perked up with pecorino di fossa cheese, an earthy sheep's milk cheese that adds even more character to the blend. Main courses are just as satisfying, including a Tai snapper ($20) with a tart ... Source: San Francisco Gate

Neanderthals lacked ice age adaptations

In fact, the alleged expansiveness of Neanderthal sinuses has been cited as the explanation for both their large supraorbital torus and their lack of a canine fossa. These attributions, however, have not been evaluated systematically using volumetric ... Source: USA Today

Northwestern's 2011 Segovia Classical Guitar Series begins January 15

As SoloDuo, they have performed together throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Their recordings include works by de Fossa, de Lhoyer and Giuliani as well as 19th- and 20th-century music for two guitars. Tickets are $22 for the general public; $19 for ... Source: Examiner

7 animals die in Latvia zoo fire spread by dry hay

Zoo officials in Latvia's capital say three zebras, three ostriches and an antelope died in a fire that spread quickly because of tinder-dry hay. Riga Zoo development manager Edgar Vitols said Friday it is unclear what caused the fire, though zoo officials ... Source: San Luis Obispo Tribune

Dry Mouth Reduced With IMRT

In an unplanned dosimetry review in a subset of patients, mean radiation doses to the posterior fossa were 20-30 Gy in the patients treated with IMRT compared with about 6 Gy in patients treated with conventional radiotherapy, which could account for the ... Source: MedPage Today

Burning up biodiversity: forest fires increase in Madagascar

Lemurs are its most famous residents, but the island is home to a staggering array of unusual creatures, including hedgehog-like tenrecs; the fossa, an endemic predator; colorful chameleons and bizarre geckos; and hundreds of species of frogs. Its wildlife ... Source: News.Mongabay

Global Array of Winter Guest Artists to Perform

Their recordings include works by de Fossa, de Lhoyer and Giuliani as well as 19th- and 20th-century music for two guitars. Tickets are $22 for the general public; $19 for seniors, Northwestern faculty and staff and Chicago Classical Guitar Society members ... Source: Northwestern University

Gigantism Gene Traced to Founder Mutation

A century ago, the curator of the museum in London housing Byrne's skeleton, together with pioneering neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, examined the skull and found enlargement of the pituitary fossa suggestive of an adenoma. It was subsequently determined ... Source: MedPage Today

Animal training gone wild

About 80 percent of the Madagascar exhibit's animals are trained, she said. Some will take longer, like the collared lemurs and the female fossa, who is proving difficult. Armstrong pointed out that it's easier to work with young animals, who catch on quicker. Source: North Platte Telegraph

A Bench With A View

Public benches are great. You get to sit back, take it easy, and survey sights and sounds that might escape you otherwise. Also great: spiral staircases, privacy and watching things from above. These elevated benches give you ALL THAT. The benches ... Source: Gizmodo Australia