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freddys dead the final nightmare
ANOES-FD Movie Poster
ANOES-FD Movie Poster3 (German)
ANOES-FD Movie Poster2
Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare
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Packers pour it on against the Falcons

Green Bay scored 35 consecutive points, including Tramon Williams' 70-yard interception return on the final play of the first half that ... period of a magical season than turned into a green nightmare in the playoffs. The Falcons simply couldn't stop ... Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Host Gervais guarantees the Globes are irreverent

Perpetually good-natured Tom Hanks, one of the final presenters, declared, "Like many of you, we recall back when Ricky Gervais was a slightly chubby but very kind comedian." "Neither of which is he now," chimed in co-presenter Tim Allen. Maybe not. Source: Huffingtonpost.com

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The list of missing people released by the Rio de Janeiro state prosecutor's office -- the first official estimate of the number of missing since the catastrophe struck a week ago -- suggests the final death toll could be close to 1,000. Local officials in ... Source: YAHOO!

Jedinak once again the key man

Australia were visibly weakened by the loss of their three injured players Jason Culina, Luke Wilkshire and David Carney and the needless suspension of Brett Emerton for their quarter-final will further ... might turn into a nightmare as Ismaeel and ... Source: ESPN Soccernet

Allison DuBois on the Housewives Dinner From Hell

What was supposed to be a peace-making meal put on by pal Camille Grammer (they met via Camille's ex Kelsey, who's an executive producer on Medium ) turned in to a nightmare, with predictions that Kyle Richards ' marriage would end and everybody screaming ... Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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A movie company wants 10 dead bodies to push off a building ... s body in silicone or alginate and then molding a figure from fiberglass or plaster. For the final stage the team is back at the computers. An arachnid-like get-up may be startling, but a ... Source: Wall Street Journal


He then falls asleep - & sure enough, the Nightmare Man materializes in the room, where he adjusts to being real. The final shot of the first part is ... the ones when she thought the Doctor was dead. Sarah Jane tries to trick the Nightmare Man into ... Source: Gather.com

Who Will Give the GOP's State-of-the-Union Response?

who have the final say in the matter, are not going to pick themselves ... Then again, it would be a logistical nightmare, and the image of everyone introducing themselves over and over would be an easy parody on "Saturday Night Live." Source: Atlantic Online (blog)

The positives of an extension for Tony Sparano

Think of Tony Sparano’s contract extension as a four carat diamond ring, one similar to the trinket Kobe Bryant gave his wife after he got into a lot of trouble in Denver a few years back. Sparano’s two-year extension isn’t just an apology for Miami ... Source: Sun-Sentinel (blog)

Reactions to the Giffords shooting are a sad commentary on our politics

These unfortunate people are shot, some killed, by a seemingly unbalanced man, and people rush to the Internet to make political points as the victims lie in critical condition in a hospital, or worse yet, lie dead. I talked to a liberal friend of mine ... Source: Oregonian