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Grandma's House Teen Monologues- Acting
JulieRae - The Vagina Song
Gujarati Comedy Show - Gor Bapa Na Gotada - Part 4/6 - Jagdish Trivedi - Favorite Humor Performer
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Practicing Audition Monologues : Monologue Articulation
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YGOTAS - The Vagina Monologues
Casting Couch QUICKIES: Monologues
Why monologues aren't funny.
Gujarati Humor Show Performed By Shahbuddin Rathod - Haasya Ni Rangat - 1/4 - Best Comic
Gujarati Comedy Show - Chak De Vasant - Part 5/6 - Vasant Paresh - Funny Jokes
The Gillies Report 12 - Farnarkeling Monologues plus Song
Practicing Audition Monologues : Monologue Standing Positions
Prem Atle Veham - Part 3 - Sairam Dave - Gujarati Comedy Stage Show
Mobile Chhe Ke Musibat - Part 1 - Dhirubhai Sarvaiya - Gujarati Comedy Stage Show
Practicing Audition Monologues : Importance of Picking Monologues
The Red Bull Monologues!
Dr. Vaginski
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vagina monologues
Kristin Casella
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Ricky Gervais' 2011 Golden Globes Jokes: Funny, Mean or in Between?

Were Gervais' Golden Globes jokes funny- or just plain mean? That all depends who you ask. Gervais' monologue started with this doozy: "It's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking. Or as Charlie Sheen likes to call it- breakfast." That set the ... Source: Associated Content

Jon Stewart struggled admirably with the funny on Monday's 'Daily Show': VIDEO

Jon Stewart struggled to put on a Daily Show on Monday night that could contain the tragedy of the Arizona shootings. “The more this show deals with current events, the harder it becomes when reality is sad,” he said. It looked as though he might ... Source: Entertainment Weekly

Steve Harvey: Funny man to relationship guru

He reminds you of the smart, funny uncle who always tells the truth," she said ... segment of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show," the spontaneous, spiritual monologues he delivers every morning on the radio. Harvey long has been public about his Christian ... Source: San Jose Mercury News

Dead Birds Fall Onto Letterman's Set During Monologue (VIDEO)

At the top of his monologue, dozens of fake, dead blackbirds seemed to fall from the sky onto Letterman's set. This was all the set-up he needed to take one of his coveted jabs at Obama's vacation habits: "On midnight on New Year's Eve, thousands of birds ... Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Ricky Gervais says he will riff on Charlie Sheen during the Golden Globes monologue. Oh, you can do better ...

C’mon, PopWatchers. I know you have some pent-up anger at someone. Who deserves to have the Ricky Gervais treatment? (Which actually sounds more terrifying than funny now that I think about it.) Source: Entertainment Weekly Online

'The Dilemma' comes off more serious than funny

And that uncertainty — "Wait, is that supposed to be funny?" — makes the movie an unsatisfying if often surprising experience, a less warm and fuzzy Parenthood from a director long removed from his warm and fuzzy years. Vaughn and James are partners in ... Source: Nashville Tennessean

Gervais guarantees Globes are funny

It's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking," he began his monologue, sipping from a glass of what looked ... Matt Damon did his part, delivering a respectful but ironically funny tribute to Robert De Niro, recipient of the Cecil B. Source: WPRI

A Very Funny Fellow

Since 1963, when his first comedy LP Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow ... Right! established him as a premier storyteller and master of the monologue, Cosby has been a groundbreaker — as a stand-up comedian, as the first black actor to star in a regular ... Source: Nashville Scene

One-Act Fest: serves up nine shades of funny

Too funny. “Rosa’s Eulogy,” by Richard Strand, gives Kristine Hughes-Tibbs a monologue which she carries with aplomb. “The Flying Wolimskies Return,” by David Smilow, follows with dark humor a less-than-successful family of acrobats. Jim Anderson ... Source: Bainbridge Island Review

Gervais too funny for Hollywood

But in the process of making searingly funny jokes at more than just the obvious targets (Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, the HFPA itself), the heat he put into the punch lines might have made him more of the story than the actual winners. And yet, it made for ... Source: Stuff