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Funny People
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Funny People [ top quality | part 1/12 ]
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Funny People
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Funny people
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HaHa funny
Funny People
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erin funny
Funny People Poster
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funny people
dad being funny
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funny people
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Nothing funny about 'Dilemma'

In 2009, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" director Judd Apatow faltered trying a seriocomedy with "Funny People." Brooks, who practically pioneered the genre not only with "Broadcast News" but "Terms of Endearment," struck out in 2010 with "How Do You Know." Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Joan Rivers GoDaddy: Is Her Super Bowl Spot Funny, Or Terrifying?

The web hosts typically bring us sexy ladies in commercials where the "Good stuff" is "too hot for T.V.", just to get people to come to their site. This year, with GoDaddy.co joining the original, the company changed things up a bit. We're shown a lovely ... Source: Bleacherreport.com

Snowbird play 'Funny Money' starts Wednesday

From Wednesday through Feb. 20, the troupe ranging in age from 60 to 85 will perform the hilarious Ray Cooney comedy, “Funny Money,” at the South ... With 10 shows, the troupe can accommodate 1,300 people. Even so, the show sells out before the first s ... Source: Everything Alabama Blog

Schafer: Self-censorship stops games being funny

There are a lot of funny people in the games industry, and [they seem to] think of the funny thing, and then say: 'No, I can't do that. Let's cut that out because someone might be bothered by that,'" he explained. "I think if people censored themselves ... Source: DESTRUCTOID

Shameless Recap: But What About the Gay People?

Frank, in one funny scene, even washes with gobs of Purell ... at which point she’s donning the veil again. "What about the gay people?," he asks, when she changes her mind. Veronica responds, "They have their parades. They can wait." Source: Nymag.com

Super Bowl Ads Still Funny

Few people recall the Apple ad that ran during the next Super ... out candidate. The ads were actually quite funny as they purported to be for some charity then morphed into something decadent. The formula for one of the ads is this: The prime ads during ... Source: PC Magazine

Hitler? Funny? Just ask Mel Brooks

Rich people stepping out of Rolls ... Clearly, Brooks prefers old-fashioned razzmatazz in a musical. He goes into a funny riff about the leggy chorus line assembled by director-choreographer Susan Stroman for Young Frankenstein . "Stroman has a fetish ... Source: St. Petersburg Times

Bill Murray Quotes: Funny 'Ghostbusters' Actor Admits He is a Nut

He has a few serious things to say, but must of the time he is just funny. Here are the top 10 best Bill Murray quotes. " I think that the online world has actually brought books back. People are reading because they're reading the da*n screen. That's more ... Source: Associated Content

Bob Hope Quotes: Funny Sayings from the Life of a Comedian

He has one of the largest collections of funny quotes that you will find. The actor and comedian spread his love for telling jokes and making people laugh for a century. He passed away at the age of 100-years-old in the summer of 2003. He might be gone ... Source: Associated Content

Funny Valentine’ reveals ups and downs of love

There’s no place where people can get their footing and perform their material ... a process he has enjoyed as much as working with his “fabulous” collaborator Muir in preparing “Funny Valentine.” “Bring your date,” he says of the show, which ... Source: San Francisco Examiner