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Gatchaman - 85 episode, part 2
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Gatchaman Ep 18/2 Revenge! The Whale Operation
Gatchaman ll, episode 40, part 2 (jap)
Gatchaman Fighter, episode 2, part 2 (jap)
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Gatchaman: Science Ninja Team
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Gatchaman ll, episode 14, part 2 (jap)
Gatchaman Ep 16/1 The Indestructible Machine Mechanica
Gatchaman ll, episode 38, part 3 (jap)
Gatchaman ll, episode 9, part 1 (jap)
Gatchaman ll, episode 6, part 2 (jap)
Gatchaman Fighter, episode 17, part 3 (jap)
Gatchaman ll, episode 8, part 3 (jap)
Gatchaman - 80 episode (Come back! Boomerang, part 3)
Gatchaman no Uta (BulletOn3)
Gatchaman Trailer US
Gatchaman Ep 19/2 Speed Race From Hell
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Pearls Of Wisdom From Final Fantasy’s Iconic Illustrator

The rest of the interview is also filled with insights that are worth checking out. Amano began working on various Japanese anime like Speed Racer and Gatchaman in the 1960s. But by the late 1980s, he was working at Square Enix on Final Fantasy, designing ... Source: Kotaku Australia